Your Guide to Watching NFL Games Online Without Cable

Updated: October 27th, 2020.

The National Football League (NFL) is the most popular sports league in North America, and one of the most watched leagues in the world. With games on Thursday, Monday, and Sunday during the regular season, there are plenty of opportunities to watch NFL football. If you have cable, you can easily watch NFL games on TV. But if you want to watch NFL games online without cable, it’s more difficult. Here’s how you can stream NFL games without cable:

Watching NFL Games Online Without Cable

This guide will cover many different ways to watch NFL games online without cable for the 2020-2021 season. A few years ago, this would have been impossible. But these days, cord cutting is a popular trend as more people are ditching their expensive cable subscriptions and choosing internet-only options instead. Fortunately for these cord cutters, watching live sporting events is easier than ever before with just a high speed internet connection and streaming device.

What You Need to Watch the NFL Online

All you really need to watch the NFL online without cable is an internet connection and a compatible device (or multiple devices). Most live TV streaming services work with devices such as Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast,

The National Football League (NFL) is the most popular sport in America. Millions of people faithfully tune in every week to watch their favorite teams go head-to-head in the hopes of making it all the way to the Super Bowl every February.

If you’re one of those millions of fans, but you don’t have a cable or satellite package that includes NFL games, there are still a number of ways that you can watch NFL games without cable. Not only do these methods give you access to more channels than you’d get with cable, they also let you get even more sports coverage and include a lot of other types of entertainment as well. While this guide focuses on how to watch NFL games online, many of these services also offer free trials so you can test them out before deciding if they’re right for you.

Check out our guide below to learn how to watch NFL games online without cable. One thing to keep in mind: while many of these services are available nationwide, some may not be available in your area, so be sure to check each one’s coverage area before signing up.

Even without cable, you can catch most (if not all) of your favorite NFL teams in action this season.

The easiest way is to subscribe to one of the major live TV streaming services. You can watch on any streaming device or even a gaming console, and there are options for watching both in-market and out-of-market games.

Here’s a quick look at the five main options for watching pro football online this season:

• AT&T TV Now (formerly DirecTV Now): Our top pick overall. Has a large lineup of channels, including ESPN and all four major broadcast networks, plus select regional sports networks (RSNs). Available in every market but D.C., which has a separate RSN.

• Hulu with Live TV: Another good option especially if you already have Hulu’s $5.99/month subscription plan. It offers ESPN, NBC, CBS and Fox in most areas, but no RSNs.

• Sling TV: The cheapest way to get ESPN, but it doesn’t include any other sports networks or local channels.

• FuboTV: Offers several RSNs including NBC Sports Washington and YES Network, but no ESPN or ABC.

• YouTube TV: Good

The NFL season is finally here and it’s time to start thinking about which apps you’ll use to watch your favorite team. This will help you decide whether you need a cable subscription or not.

If you’re looking to watch NFL games without cable, the first thing you have to do is to decide what NFL games you can watch on cable. If you’re in a large market, there are many options available to you, but if you’re in a smaller market, you may have fewer choices.

It’s important to remember that some of these apps require a paid subscription, so make sure that your TV provider supports the app before purchasing it. In addition, some of these apps are only available for select devices.

If you want to watch NFL games on your mobile device or tablet, check out our guide on how to watch NFL games on your phone or tablet. You can also read our guide on how to watch NFL games on your TV if you’re interested in watching them on a larger screen.

If you don’t have cable, you can watch a live stream of your local NFL on CBS games on your computer, phone, or streaming device via one of the following cable-free, live-TV streaming services:

Hulu With Live TV

In addition to a Netflix-like on-demand streaming library, Hulu also offers a bundle of 60-plus live TV channels, which includes CBS (live in select markets). If you’re looking to watch NFL games on Sunday, Monday, Thursday or Saturday this season, this might just be the best option for you.

You can sign up for “Hulu with Live TV” right here, and you can then watch a live stream of your local NFL games on your computer via the Hulu website, or on your tablet or streaming device via the Hulu app.

If you can’t watch a game live, “Hulu with Live TV” also comes with 50 hours of Cloud DVR storage (with the ability to upgrade to “Enhanced Cloud DVR,” which gives you 200 hours of DVR space and the ability to fast forward through commercials).

NFL games are available for streaming in three different ways. You can stream on your computer, phone, or tablet with a browser, stream on your computer with an application, or stream on a device that is connected to your TV (Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, etc). Most of these services offer a free trial, so you can try before you buy.

Google Chrome browser is the best option for watching NFL games. The live streams are listed in the sidebar of NFL Reddit where users submit them. Most of them are free and all you need to do is open the link in Chrome and watch the game. There may be ads and popups but they are quick and easy to close out.

This is also a great option if you want to stream on your mobile device as well. It is also compatible with Chromecast if you want to cast it to your TV.

NFL Game Pass offers live streaming of every preseason game outside the US and on demand streaming of every game inside the US after the game ends. It costs $99/year or $29/season for non-US residents and $49/season for US residents. They also have a 7 day free trial if you just want to test it out before buying.

NFL Sunday Ticket is a service that allows you to stream live and on-demand NFL games. It’s basically the exact same thing as watching football on cable, except you can watch it on any device, anywhere in the world.

You probably already know all this, but what’s less well-known is that there are actually two versions of Sunday Ticket: one for people without DirecTV service, and one for people who do have DirecTV service. The version for non-DirecTV customers (called SundayTicket.TV) is really expensive ($280 per season); the version for DirecTV customers (called NFLSUNDAYTICKET.TV) is a lot cheaper ($200 per season).

But the $200 version is only available to people who are students at four year universities, or live in residences where Directv isn’t offered (apartments, condos, etc). The good news is that most people who meet these two requirements can also get it for free.

If you’re not sure whether or not you qualify, simply head over to and enter your zip code and university. If you qualify, you’ll see pricing information; if you don’t, you’ll be greeted with a message

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