Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Hope on the 2014-2015 Golden State Warriors

Why You Shouldn’t Give Up Hope on the 2014-2015 Golden State Warriors:

The Golden State Warriors, who are 15-13 and currently in 10th place in the Western Conference, do not look like the team that we expected to see this season. They look disorganized on offense and shaky on defense. They don’t have an identity. And they seem to be missing something that was there a year ago.

The reason for all of this may be less about the Warriors themselves, and more about the general state of the NBA today.

The league itself is better than it has ever been before. In the past few years, the NBA has become extremely competitive – now more than ever, you have to be good just to make it into the playoffs. The best teams in each conference are still very good, but they are not nearly as dominant as they used to be, when teams such as Michael Jordan’s Bulls and Magic Johnson’s Lakers were winning 60 or 70 games a year.*

The 2014-2015 Golden State Warriors have not exactly been the juggernaut that many expected them to be. The team appears disjointed and is struggling to maintain a consistent level of play. However, there are some reasons to believe that the team can get back on track and be the elite squad that it was predicted to be.

The main reason for hope is that most of the team’s problems are easily fixable. One problem is that the Warriors are allowing opposing guards to get into the paint far too often. This issue has been exacerbated by Andrew Bogut’s inability to play consistent minutes due to injury.

The team needs a healthy Bogut in order to better protect the rim and take pressure off of its perimeter defenders. Another problem is the inconsistent shooting of Klay Thompson, who has struggled with his shot all season long. Thompson is too good of a shooter for this trend not to reverse itself at some point.

“Wait ‘til next year!” is a phrase that has been uttered by fans of many NBA teams over the years, both in defeat and in victory. The Golden State Warriors are no different. However, this year, there is a reason to believe that things could be different for the Dubs in 2015-2016.

Don’t get me wrong: I am ecstatic with the way this season has gone so far. The playoffs remain a distinct possibility and it would be foolish to count out Golden State. But I think the team’s ceiling is higher than what they have shown thus far, and that there are signs that they are closer to their ceiling than one might think.

For starters, the Warriors have had some injury problems at key times this season. Steph Curry missed 16 games due to an ankle/foot injury; Klay Thompson missed three games due to an ankle injury; Andre Iguodala has missed eight games with a hamstring injury; David Lee has been out since Feb. 22 due to a hamstring strain; Shaun Livingston has missed time due to toe and knee problems; Andrew Bogut has missed 15 games with back, knee, and rib injuries; Harrison Barnes has been out five games with an ankle sprain; Mar

At this point in the season, the defending champion San Antonio Spurs are the best team in the NBA. The top three teams in the Eastern Conference—the Atlanta Hawks, Chicago Bulls, and Toronto Raptors—have all been better than expected. The New Orleans Pelicans have All-Star Anthony Davis on their roster. The Los Angeles Clippers are still one of the most talented teams in the league, even with Blake Griffin out for a month. And then there’s Golden State, who are currently tied for sixth place in the Western Conference with a 21-19 record.

The Warriors have looked like a mediocre basketball team for much of this year following an impressive start to the season. Their scoring is down from last year and their defense has been inconsistent at best. They were swept by the Memphis Grizzlies in a first round playoff rematch and have lost games to some of the NBA’s worst teams, including the Sacramento Kings twice and both Minnesota Timberwolves squads (Wolves 1 and Wolves 2).

But don’t doubt them just yet: These Warriors are still dangerous.

As the Golden State Warriors get ready to take on the Memphis Grizzlies tonight, they are clinging on to a playoff spot by their fingertips. They find themselves in the 8th seed after losing 3 games in a row to three of the best teams in the NBA. All of those losses were at home and the Warriors go into tonight’s game against Memphis on a 5 game home losing streak.

In Steve Kerr’s first year with the team, he has faced adversity. The team faced injuries with Festus Ezeli, Justin Holiday, David Lee and Harrison Barnes missing time. Most notably, however, was Andrew Bogut fracturing his rib and being out for around 10 games (he is set to return tomorrow).

With all these injuries and struggles, it would be easy for this team to give up but as we saw last year, this team does not quit. I still have faith in this team and here are some reasons why:

The Golden State Warriors have not had the best of starts to the new NBA season. Sure, the team is 4-2, but those two losses have come in such a way that it has made it seem like the defending Western Conference champions from last year are destined for a short playoff appearance this season.

The first loss came against the Los Angeles Clippers on opening night, when Chris Paul hit a game-winning 3-pointer at the buzzer to win it for LA and spoil Stephen Curry’s big night. Most recently, Stephen Curry turned his ankle during a play in their loss to the San Antonio Spurs and was forced to leave the game. He did not return, and his absence was felt as the Warriors lost by 20.

The Warriors’ second loss was much more devastating than their first. This was due to both how they lost, being blown out by one of their rivals, and also because of who they lost: Stephen Curry. The MVP is currently listed as “day-to-day” with his sprained ankle, and there are many questions surrounding his health and his future with this team.

The Golden State Warriors have had a pretty bad track record in recent years. They have only made the playoffs once over the last 18 seasons, and last year they finished with a 51-31 record. This season, however, the Warriors look like serious contenders for an NBA championship. Under new head coach Steve Kerr, the Warriors hope to build on their success from last season and prove themselves to be one of the best teams in the league.

The Warriors are led by Stephen Curry, who was selected to his first All-Star Game last season after scoring 24 points per game. Curry is one of the most exciting players in the league, and he led Golden State to a playoff series win over the Denver Nuggets. The Warriors have also assembled a strong supporting cast around Curry, including David Lee and Klay Thompson.

Golden State has high expectations for this season. They were picked by many experts to win the Western Conference and make it to the NBA Finals. However, they will face stiff competition from teams such as the Los Angeles Clippers, Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets.

But if anyone can lead Golden State back to prominence it is Stephen Curry. He will undoubtedly be one of the most fun players to watch this season and he has all of the tools

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