What Should I Wear For Hockey? As a new player learning the ropes of this game, certain attire is essential for a safe play and proper skill building. Here’s what you need to wear for hockey

What Should I Wear For Hockey?

As a new player learning the ropes of this game, certain attire is essential for a safe play and proper skill building. Here’s what you need to wear for hockey:


To protect your head, obviously! Helmets come in different sizes and colours. You can even customize your helmet with a variety of decals.

Mouth Guard

A good mouth guard protects your teeth and lips. You can choose between stock or boil-and-bite guards, which are available at any sports store. For better protection, you can also have custom-made mouth guards by your dentist.

Shoulder Pads

Shoulder pads are for protecting your shoulders and collarbones from injuries such as broken collarbones and dislocated shoulders that are quite common in hockey. They also protect your upper chest from heavy body checks. A good pair of shoulder pads will help you carry the weight of the equipment throughout the game without feeling uncomfortable.

Elbow Pads

Elbow pads protect your elbow joint from various injuries such as bruises and scrapes that may occur during sliding on the ice or falling down to avoid body checks. This gear is also helpful in reducing the impact of an opponent’s stick on elbows while blocking

As a new player learning the ropes of this game, certain attire is essential for a safe play and proper skill building. Here’s what you need to wear for hockey:

Hockey Helmet and Face Mask:

It is imperative that you buy a helmet depending on your position in the field. You should check with your coach to see whether or not you need an additional mask along with the helmet while playing in specific positions.

Mouth Guard:

The mouth guard should be worn over the teeth so it protects the teeth, gums and tongue from injury during play. It is advisable that you get a custom-made, professional mouth guard from your dentist as they are extremely comfortable and fit well.

Protective Gloves:

This is one of the most important pieces of equipment for any hockey player as it protects most of the body parts that can get injured during a play such as fingers, hands, wrists and thumbs. All protective gloves are made of hard plastic covered by soft foam padding at various pressure points.


It is also known as a jock or athletic cup can prevent genital injuries while playing hockey. Hockey players also wear pelvic protectors which are made of hard plastic with foam padding on the outside. This protective gear provides additional

Hockey as a sport has several rules and requirements. The requirement for hockey attire is one of the utmost importance for all players, regardless of their level of play. As a new player, you will need to learn about the hockey attire you need to wear to enjoy the game and be safe from injuries.

Hockey Attire: Essential Wear for All Players

The hockey attire that you need to wear for the game is one of the most vital points of discussion for all players, particularly new ones. The reason behind that is because we can’t just put on any type of clothing and step on the ice. Safety and protection are the most important factors when it comes to choosing the right clothing items to wear while playing hockey.

Hockey Attire: Types, Sizes & Designs

The hockey attire that you will choose will depend on your level, age, gender and size. If you are an adult player, you will need different types of attire than if you were a young player. Likewise, if you are a woman or man player, your clothing items will be different as well. All young players should have youth sizes so they can have comfortable fits that protect their bodies better than adult sizes would do.

As for the types of clothes to wear for

As a first-time hockey player, you should make sure you’re wearing the right attire to ensure safety during your training. While hockey is a fun game, it can also be dangerous.

Because of this, you should always make sure you’re wearing the right equipment before you step onto the ice.

Here’s a quick guide for first time players on what to wear for hockey.

The first thing that you will need to wear for hockey is a pair of skates. There are several types of skates that you can choose from depending on your skill level and preferences.

For example, if you are just starting out with hockey, then it’s best to go with a high quality pair of beginner skates like these Bauer Nexus N2900 Hockey Skates.

If you are more advanced at hockey and want something that will last longer and be more comfortable, then check out the Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Ice Hockey Skates.

Once you have your skates picked out and purchased, then it’s time to move on to getting some protective gear!

Hockey is a tough game, and wearing the right gear is important to safe play. There are three main types of hockey attire: chest protectors, shin guards and skates.

Chest Protectors

The chest protector protects the player from opponents’ sticks during the game. The chest protector should be long enough to cover the torso and arms. It should also be wide enough to cover the stomach and sternum at least halfway. Most chest protectors come with shoulder pads, although these can be bought separately if needed. Hockey gloves usually don’t come with padding on the wrists, so wrist guards may be necessary as well.

Shin Guards

There are two styles of shin guards for hockey players: knee-length and ankle-length. Whichever style you choose, make sure that your shins fit snugly into them without rubbing or chafing. Both styles of shin guard should offer protection all around the calf muscle, just above the knee and below it as well. The shin guards should also have a strap or fastener at the top to hold them in place while playing.


Hockey skates come in two main styles: one that comes up to just below your knees and one that comes up just above it. The higher

Over the past few years, I have noticed that there is a huge gap in the market for hockey equipment. As a hockey player and fan, I’ve spent countless hours looking for hockey equipment and apparel.

When I started playing, I didn’t know what to wear or how to get started. I did a lot of research and found that there are many great products out there but they are not easy to find.

I wanted to create a website where people could find all of their hockey needs, and so I decided to start my own blog. The goal of this blog is to make it easy for players to find the best products, tips, and advice on what to wear when playing hockey.

This blog will also include reviews of products and other helpful information about hockey apparel.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing it!

For the beginner, there are three main types of hockey skates: recreational, intermediate and advanced. Each skate offers various features and benefits, but the recreational skate is a great option for those just starting out.

There are also two main types of sticks: composite and wooden. Composite sticks are typically more expensive, but they offer better performance; they’re also lighter in weight than wooden sticks. A composite stick is often made from graphite, carbon fiber or Kevlar.

Wooden sticks are typically less expensive and heavier than composite sticks; they’re made of wood. A wood core stick is covered by a layer of graphite or fiberglass to give it durability; this type of stick is often recommended for a player who’s just starting out.

In terms of protective gear, you need a helmet with a face mask (cage), mouth guard, gloves, shoulder pads with chest protection and elbow pads. You may also want to wear shin guards.

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