Top 10 Most Overrated nfl today players of All Time

When you think of overrated nfl today players, who comes to mind? Is it Tom Brady? No. What about Ray Lewis? Nope. How about Brett Favre? Not even close. It’s time to take a look at the most overrated nfl today players of all time.

1. Jerry Rice

Rice is widely regarded as the greatest nfl today player of all time, but this is simply not true. He’s not even the best wide receiver of all time (Marvin Harrison was better). Rice had great speed for a big guy, but he was not a great route runner and his hands were nothing special (the dropsies were real). So how did Rice become such a legend? He played on two very good 49ers teams and a dominant Raiders team and stayed healthy for 20 seasons (although his production did drop off significantly after age 35). He also benefited from playing in an era when there were few great wide receivers, so opposing defenses focused their best defensive backs on him, opening up opportunities for lesser wideouts like John Taylor and Tim Brown.

2. Jim Brown

Brown was unquestionably a great nfl today player and one of the most physically dominant athletes ever, but he is probably more famous because of his controversial off

“Overrated” is a term that is often bandied about in sports circles. However, it is a subjective term and often an unfair label to place on a player who has played the game at the highest level.

To be considered for this list, players must have played in the nfl today or have been drafted by a nfl today team. Players from other professional leagues or college football may be listed if they are Hall of Famers or are considered among the best players ever at their position.

The list was difficult to compile because many of those listed were Hall of Fame caliber players who had long and productive careers. For example, Terry Bradshaw and John Elway each compiled Hall of Fame career numbers, but both men benefited from playing on great teams with outstanding defenses. Had they played on teams with lesser talent around them, they might never have won multiple Super Bowls.

With all these caveats in place, here are the top 10 most overrated players ever to play in the nfl today.

The National Football League has a lot of talented football players. But every year, there are a few who don’t deserve to be there.

Here’s my list of the top 10 overrated players in the nfl today. These players have had great careers and have played well throughout their careers. However, for various reasons, they do not deserve to be on the nfl today’s top 100 list.

The first player on my list is running back Larry Johnson. Johnson is one of the most undisciplined players in the league. He has been fined multiple times by the league for his antics on and off the field.

The second player on my list is wide receiver Terrell Owens. Owens is one of the most scared players in the league. He has been accused of being a “crybaby” and has been fined several times by the league for his antics on and off the field.

The third player on my list is linebacker Ray Lewis. Lewis is one of the most overrated linebackers in the league. He has had an amazing career, but he does not deserve to be on this list because he is not a great tackler and his tackling stats are average at best.

The fourth player on my list is quarterback Peyton Manning. Manning is one

1. Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots

There are two types of Tom Brady haters: the ones who think he’s not that good and the ones who think he’s overrated. Regardless, it doesn’t really matter to Brady in the end, as he is still a top-five quarterback in the nfl today.

Brady has played for a dominant team his entire career, which has given him an advantage most other quarterbacks haven’t had. He set records in 2007 when he threw 50 touchdowns and only eight interceptions. That season was obviously his best and is what many people believe to be among the greatest seasons by a quarterback ever.

However, Brady has never won a game by himself. He has always had great offensive lines and dominant defenses to support him all these years. And we can’t forget about “The Tuck Rule” in the 2001 playoffs against the Oakland Raiders when Charles Woodson knocked the ball out of Brady’s hand, but somehow it was ruled an incomplete pass instead of a fumble because of “the tuck rule.” If it weren’t for that call and the coin flip at midfield between Brady and Peyton Manning that went New England’s way in 2003 (as opposed to giving Manning home-field advantage), Brady would have three Super

1. Troy Polamalu (SS, Pittsburgh Steelers)

In the epicenter of nfl today hype, it is not uncommon for players to be elevated to legendary status in a short period of time.

While some go on to live up to the billing, others are found out and are exposed as overrated.

There is no doubt that Troy Polamalu is a great football player and was one of the most exciting players in the league while he was healthy. But as a safety, his impact on the game is limited.

His great instincts and ability to make big plays allowed him to intercept more passes than many cornerbacks despite lining up 15 yards off the ball at times.

However, Polamalu is not a complete player and struggles in coverage at times. He has been beaten for several long touchdowns during his career and he does not have the speed or athleticism to recover when he misses a play on the ball.

10. Peter Warrick

Before Terrell Owens, Chad Ochocinco, and Dez Bryant there was Peter Warrick. The flamboyant wide receiver would beat defenders with his feet and his mouth. He was a first-round pick out of Florida State where he won the Bobby Bowden award for most outstanding player in the nation as a junior.

In the NFL, he was a second team All Pro as a rookie and caught four touchdown passes in the Bengals’ 2000 playoff loss to the Ravens. He was suspended for a game in 2000 after being arrested for shoplifting at Dillard’s with Laveranues Coles. Warrick finished his career with 2,991 yards receiving and 15 touchdowns.

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