The Wildest NFL Playoff Moments Of All Time

The wildest NFL playoff moments of all time.

1. The Helmet Catch- Super Bowl XLII: Tom Brady had already led three game-winning drives in the Super Bowl, and was 8 yards away from doing it again. But Giants cornerback Corey Webster broke up a pass intended for Randy Moss in the end zone, and David Tyree made his famous helmet catch to set up the winning score a few plays later.

2. The Miracle at the New Meadowlands- NFC Wild Card Game: Sam Bradford heaved a Hail Mary on fourth-and-15 with no time left from his own 30 and had it come down in the arms of wide receiver Danny Amendola for a miracle win.

3. The Immaculate Reception- 1972 AFC Divisional Round: The Steelers needed a last-second miracle to keep their season alive against the Raiders, and that’s exactly what they got when Franco Harris caught John Fuqua’s deflected pass out of midair and took it into the end zone for a touchdown.

4. The Music City Miracle- 1999 AFC Wild Card Game: The Oilers were celebrating what they thought was a game-winning field goal, only to have Lorenzo Neal take the ensuing kickoff and lateral it to Frank Wycheck, who completed a

The NFL playoffs are upon us and this is the time of year that football fans get to see some of the wildest games and most memorable moments in sports.

The NFL playoffs are a time for players and teams to take their game to the next level. In order to win, a team must rise above themselves in order to accomplish the ultimate prize, a Super Bowl ring. This is not easy, because there are only 32 teams in the league, so each team has to beat at least 3 other teams in order to be crowned champion.

Here are some of my favorite moments from past playoff games that I think are worthy of being called “the wildest.”

The NFL playoffs are easily the best thing in sports. The rest of the year, there are three or four marquee games a week. There are upsets, last-second finishes and lots of excitement. But the NFL playoffs bring together all of the best teams, with their best players, in must-win scenarios. That creates drama that is unmatched in all of sports.

The NFL is king for a lot of reasons, but one of them is that it has the best postseason format. The NBA and NHL have seven-game series that can be exhilarating and make for great TV, but they also lead to longer slumps and a greater element of luck involved. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament is awesome because underdogs can win it all, but when the top seeds meet in the Final Four it’s often a dud.

The NFL playoffs are always exciting because the best teams arrive well prepared to play their best football. They’re not working off rust like in other sports’ postseasons; they’re playing at their peak level.

Let’s take a look back at some of the wildest moments in recent NFL playoff history.

The NFL playoff season is one of the most exciting times of year for fans. From the Wild Card round all the way to the Super Bowl, some of the wildest moments in sports history have happened in the playoffs. Here are a few of our favorites.

The Music City Miracle – Tennessee Titans vs Buffalo Bills (January 8th, 2000)

This was one of the most controversial plays in NFL history. With 16 seconds left on their own 30-yard line and down 1 point, many believed that Buffalo had no chance at victory. However, with a perfectly executed play called “Home Run Throwback,” Frank Wycheck threw a lateral pass to Kevin Dyson who ran 75 yards for what would be the game winning touchdown. This play was later deemed legal by NFL officials and has gone down as one of the most memorable plays in playoffs history.

The Helmet Catch – New York Giants vs New England Patriots (February 3rd, 2008)

This catch by David Tyree helped lead to what is known as “The Greatest Super Bowl Ever Played.” Down 14-10 in the fourth quarter, Eli Manning threw a 32-yard pass into double coverage that was somehow caught by Tyree against his helmet as he fell to the ground. This led to

The NFL playoffs are always exciting, but some years they are more eventful than others. During the mid-2000’s, there were a number of close games and great plays that went down as some of the best moments in playoff history. Here is a look back at some of those memorable moments:

The NFL has been around for nearly a century, but it took nearly 60 years for the league to get around to holding a championship game. Since then, the Super Bowl has become one of the most-watched sporting events in the world. And with that immense interest comes plenty of drama and great moments.

Each season, only 12 teams make the NFL playoffs, and only four teams play in the conference championships. But over time there have been dozens of wild finishes and amazing plays that defined those games and helped shape some of the greatest teams ever to play in them.

Let’s take a look at a few of these epic games and see how they shaped playoff football as we see it today.

It’s hard to decide which of the NFL’s many dramatic moments are the most dramatic. There are so many games that have come down to the wire, and so many miracle plays that have changed NFL history. But a few stand out. Here’s one person’s opinion on the most memorable plays in NFL playoff history.

The Immaculate Reception: Franco Harris and the Steelers beat Oakland 13-7 in 1972 on this amazing play. On fourth down, with 22 seconds left in the game and the ball at their own 40, Terry Bradshaw threw a pass to John “Frenchy” Fuqua, who was running toward the end zone. Fuqua and Raiders safety Jack Tatum jumped for it at the same time, but the ball glanced off Tatum’s fingertips and into Harris’ waiting arms at about the nine-yard line. Harris ran it into the end zone for a touchdown, giving Pittsburgh perhaps its greatest win ever.

The Music City Miracle: The Titans had one second left on the clock against Buffalo in an AFC wild card game in 2000 when Frank Wycheck threw a lateral to Kevin Dyson who then ran 75 yards for a touchdown. From there they won their next two games before

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