The Nail in the Coffin

The Nail in the Coffin : a blog about the nail in the coffin of your favorite football player.

If you love football, but hate to see your favorite player get hurt, this is the site for you! We are dedicated to finding that one moment when your favorite players career took a turn for the worst. Some may say we are heartless, but we see it as doing something necessary and needed. We cover all teams, so no matter who you like, we have your back (obviously not literally).

We will be posting articles on players and their injuries. Our articles will include:

A short summary of the player’s career before their injury

A detailed description of their injury

How much time they missed with the injury

How much their career has been affected by the injury

The Nail in the Coffin : a blog about the nail in the coffin of your favorite football player.

Much like the nail in the coffin, each week we will drive one into the coffin of an NFL player, or coach, or owner, etc. This week it’s Peyton Manning.

With his loss on Monday night against San Diego, Peyton Manning’s career is now officially over. Despite being only 33 years old and a first ballot Hall of Famer, Manning has been unable to recover from his 3rd neck surgery in as many years and after watching him play this year, it’s clear that he doesn’t have the abilities that he did before. That was evident when he got benched for Curtis Painter against San Francisco last year. His arm is weaker than ever and his accuracy is terrible. He can’t make deep throws anymore which leaves him unable to stretch defenses and allows them to stack the box and stop their run game. He’s only thrown for 5 touchdowns this year compared to 7 interceptions and has only 1 touchdown pass in his last 4 games. The Colts are going to be picking first overall next April and with Andrew Luck sitting there at the top of most draft boards, it seems like a no brainer to take him. They should be able to get

This was the nail in the coffin for many of your favorite players.

When the NFL started on Monday Night Football, no one ever knew what would happen. Some of the best moments in football history were witnessed on this night. The worst moments were also witnessed on Monday night.

This is a blog that commemorates those moments that ended careers and changed lives forever.

The “Nail in the Coffin” of football. This blog follows the career and health of iconic football players. From Peyton Manning to Tom Brady, we will follow their journey to the end. We will look at the evidence that proves that these players are going to be out of a job soon. The nail in their coffin is coming soon, don’t miss it.

Tonight I am watching the Monday night game between the New England Patriots and the Denver Broncos.

I am a big fan of Peyton Manning, so I’m rooting for him, but more than that, I’m rooting for his team.

I love this game! I think it’s my favorite sport. The only other sport that can compete with it is basketball.

I am so excited to watch this game tonight!

It’s going to be a great one.

Monday Night Football made its debut in 1970 and the NFL never looked back. The late-game slot was a perfect fit for the growing league’s big personalities. The show’s success can be tied to a few key factors.

The first is timing. In the late 1960s, network television was still king, with the three major broadcasters ABC, CBS, and NBC dominating American homes. However, by 1970 cable TV was starting to gain traction in American cities. By 1975, 20% of U.S. households had access to cable TV, compared to just 2% in 1968. As more people got cable, they became more likely to watch programming that wasn’t on one of the three major networks – like Monday Night Football on ABC!

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