The Most Over The Top NBA Stadiums

The Most Over The Top NBA Stadiums

The NBA is more than just basketball; it’s a lifestyle. From custom Nikes to personal fashion, the NBA has become one of the most influential sports in the world. It only makes sense that the physical courts where these games are played have also gotten more attention over the years. Today, we’re going to look at some of the most outlandish and over-the-top designs you’ll see on an NBA court. There are some interesting and beautiful designs out there to see. While these courts may not be as competitive or entertaining as some of the players who play on them, they still deserve their moment in the spotlight.

Zion’s Court

While Zion Williamson and No. 1 ranked Duke Blue Devils have yet to go all the way this season, Zion and his team have been putting on a show in Durham while they make their run at a national championship. Not only has Zion been showing off in his new Nike Hyperdunk Xs, but he’s also been leaving his mark on his home court as well. The Cameron Crazies got into the action this past season by unveiling a massive banner with Zion’s face on it that hangs from the rafters at Cameron Indoor Stadium. Next to his face is

The NBA is a league where style is a part of the game. Even though you have the boring teams like the Spurs and Pacers, who are more concerned with playing winning basketball rather than having a flashy look, there are teams that go above and beyond to make their team stand out from the rest of the league. With that being said, let’s take a look at the most over-the-top NBA Stadiums in the league.

The Golden State Warriors’ Oracle Arena is one of the most historic venues in all of sports. From Bill Russell battling Wilt Chamberlain to Rick Barry’s beautiful stroke to Stephen Curry raining three pointers, this building has seen it all. From the outside, it looks like a pretty standard arena, but once you step inside, you see how amazing this place really is. The first thing that stands out upon entering is the court design. It is unlike any other court in all of sports as they have this unique light-up design with “The Town” on them. On top of that, they also have these huge images of former players and coaches throughout their history on each side of their court which just adds to how special this venue really is. In addition, they have these amazing video boards that show fans highlights and graphics that just add

It just goes to show how much teams care about their teams and want to show off their team’s history. The most over the top stadiums are:

1) Golden State Warriors- Chase Center in San Francisco

2) Portland Trail Blazers- Moda Center in Portland

3) Los Angeles Clippers- Staples Center in Los Angeles

4) Indiana Pacers- Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis

5) Toronto Raptors- Scotiabank Arena in Toronto

6) Chicago Bulls- United Center in Chicago

7) Houston Rockets- Toyota Center in Houston

8) Oklahoma City Thunder- Chesapeake Energy Arena in Oklahoma City

9) Miami Heat- AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami

10) Atlanta Hawks- State Farm Arena in Atlanta

The NBA is known for being one of the top sports in the world. With big name stars like Lebron James and Steph Curry, the NBA has become a widely popular sport. It’s no surprise that fans are willing to spend lots of money to see their favorite players.

While watching basketball on TV is fun and exciting, it is nothing compared to being at a live game. From the fan’s point of view, basketball is an experience unlike any other. You are right next to the action, feeling every dunk and every shot.

But going to an NBA game can be expensive. Between tickets, parking, and food, you could easily be spending hundreds of dollars per game! Because of this, teams are doing what they can to make sure that fans get their money’s worth when attending a game.

The most recent trend in NBA stadiums has been extravagance. Teams have been competing against each other to make their stadium stand out from the rest. They want their arenas to be fun and exciting for the fans!

Here are some examples of the most extravagant NBA stadiums.

The League has changed immensely and in turn so have the court designs. The Utah Jazz are no longer known for their extravagant courts as they have just recently moved into an arena that is much more corporate.

The Spurs, Lakers and Mavericks are still playing on some of the most extravagant courts in the league. These three teams have either been in the finals multiple times or won championships over the past decade.

The Jazz, Pistons, Bucks and Cavaliers all have brand new arenas that opened this season. Their courts are very boring in comparison to other teams in the league.

The Nets move to Brooklyn and Clippers move to Los Angeles may increase or decrease attendance at their games, but they will surely make ripples throughout the league because of their flashy new courts!

As the NBA season comes to an end, we look at the stadiums and courts of some of the most popular teams.


The Staples Center is a legendary basketball arena. The court is made of hardwood, and has a giant Nike sign on each end. The seats are purple and gold, the team colors. On the ceiling there are light fixtures that look like stars in a sky, so it always looks like night time inside. There is an area for celebrity fans that changes depending on who is in town (Jack Nicholson, for example). Outside, there is a giant statue of Kobe Bryant holding the ball up in victory.


The United Center has a similar vibe to Staples, but it has its own unique features. When you walk into the stadium, you see six championship banners hanging from the ceiling as well as many retired jerseys. There are statues of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Jerry Sloan outside the stadium. The court itself is made of hardwood with red and black lines marking where players can cross over each other’s territory.


TD Garden is a smaller stadium than Staples or United, but it still accommodates about 20 000 fans for every game. They have many trophies won by their team displayed in

The Detroit Pistons have always been a bit over the top. From their bright red and blue colors, to their team name and logo, you would expect nothing less from one of the most successful teams in NBA history. Their home court at Little Caesars Arena is no different. The Pistons are one of two NBA teams to share a stadium with an NHL team (the other being the Brooklyn Nets). In addition to having an NHL team as a tenant, Little Caesars Arena has hosted several concerts, including four shows by Kiss who, according to their lead singer, Gene Simmons, also own a piece of the LCA building.

The arena cost $862 million to build and was completed in 2017. It’s not just the outside that is over the top; Little Caesars Arena features state-of-the-art technology inside as well. For example, each seat has its own charging port so fans can charge their phones while watching the game.

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