The Kansas City Royals, A Down To The Wire Look For Glory

The Kansas City Royals, A Down To The Wire Look For Glory: A blog about the royal’s run for a spot in the playoffs.

The Kansas City Royals, Baseball’s best kept secret, have finally broke into the spotlight. After a twenty-nine year playoff drought and the second longest streak in the MLB, they are finally back. The Royals finished off the regular season with an record of 89-73, just enough to earn them a wildcard spot in the playoffs. They will be facing off against the Oakland Athletics in an intense one game playoff.

I think that they can do it, they have done it all year! In fact, I think that this team is just getting started! Everyone thought that their run would end when star pitcher, James Shields was traded to the San Diego Padres for young prospects Wil Myers and Jake Odorizzi but we have proved them wrong. The trade has made room for young pitchers such as Yordano Ventura and Danny Duffy to step up. It also gave us a chance to see some of our top prospects from AAA Omaha such as Raul Mondesi Jr., Christian Colon and Terrance Gore!.

This season has been one of my favorite seasons to watch as a Royal’s fan because

The Kansas City Royals have had a roller coaster of a season. For the first half of the year they were in last place. But as the months went on, they have slowly climbed their way up to one of the top spots in their league.

The Royals are currently in second place with a record of 82-68 (as of 9/23). They are only two games out behind Detroit for first place, and have a comfortable lead on Seattle who is in third. With the regular season coming to an end, they need to secure their spot in this years playoffs.

The Royals are playing great baseball right now, winning three series in a row against some tough teams. They beat Oakland at home and then took two series from both AL East teams, Toronto and Boston. This is huge for them because these were all games that they needed to win if they wanted to stay in contention for the pennant race.

The next few weeks are going to be critical for KC’s playoff chances. They play a three game series at home against division rival Cleveland this weekend before heading out east for a seven games road trip including stops in New York, Minnesota and Houston. They finish off the final week of September by hosting Detroit for three games at home before finishing the

It’s been a long and painful road for the Kansas City Royals. They will finish their 30th season with a losing record, and still no playoff appearance since 1985. But, as they say, that could all change tomorrow.

And it really could. With a win today, the Royals would be just 3 games behind the Cleveland Indians for first place in the AL Central. If the Royals could somehow go on a run to end the season, and sneak into the playoffs, Royals fans would have reason to celebrate. And so would I.

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Patrick McLaughlin and I am an avid fan of the Kansas City Royals. I’ve had season tickets since 1997, and have been to every home game for at least a decade now. I have watched this team through thick and thin these past 16 years, but this is by far the most exciting year yet!

I am not going to sugarcoat it; things were looking pretty bleak after we lost 5 straight games right after the all-star break (which put us 11 games behind the Indians). But somehow we managed to reel off 7 straight wins (including 4 against Detroit) at just the right time! We came back from being

Last season the Kansas City Royals had one of the best runs in history, making it all the way to the World Series. The main reason for their success was a lockdown bullpen that ended games in the 7th or 8th inning, a team that hit singles and doubles over home runs, a great defense and speed to score runs. This year they did not make many changes except for a few new pitchers and their run for the wild card has been just as exciting as last year.

The Royals are currently 3 games behind the Seattle Mariners with only 6 games left in the season. They need to win all 6 games and hope that Seattle loses at least 2 of their remaining 6 games for them to make it back to the playoffs. If they do not win all of their remaining games, then they will not make it into the playoffs this year.

In my opinion, I think that there is still a chance that they can make it into the playoffs so I will continue to watch and support them!

As you may have already heard, an amazing opportunity has fallen into our laps. The Kansas City Royals are in a good position to make the playoffs. If they win the next two games against the Cleveland Indians, they will be in good shape to make the playoffs.

If they win their next game against the New York Yankees, they will clinch a spot in the wildcard game. If they win that game, they will move on to the divisional round and play either Toronto or Texas.

If they lose their next game against the Yankees, there is still hope for a playoff spot but it requires help from other teams. They would need one of St. Louis or San Francisco to lose their next two games, as well as either Pittsburgh or Chicago losing at least one game.

While this is not an impossible task, it is certainly improbable under most circumstances. However, both St. Louis and San Francisco are playing weak teams and could potentially lose both games if those teams decide to put up a fight against them.

If this were any other year for Kansas City, I would say that there was no chance for them to make it into the playoffs. However, this year seems different than any other year in recent memory thanks to a number of factors including:

The Royals are in first place for the first time since 2003, and haven’t won a playoff game since 1985. The Royals nearly had their best season ever in 1983, losing to the Orioles in the World Series. The Royals have one of the worst farm systems in baseball, and with the small payroll they will have after this season, it’s hard to see them competing for a World Series any time soon.

The Royals were not supposed to be good this year. They were predicted by experts to finish last in the AL Central, even though they were only 2 games under .500 last season. With such a weak farm system and such a small payroll, they should not be competitive.

But they are competitive. They are 70-65 and in first place in the AL Central.

How did this happen?

It started with the pitching staff. James Shields is having an excellent season, with a 3.56 ERA, 1.18 WHIP, 9 wins (to go with 12 losses), and 176 strikeouts in 198 innings pitched. He has been at his best down the stretch, throwing 7 shutout innings against Detroit on September 4th and 7 shutout innings against Seattle on September 14th.


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