Shaqiri’s Improving Socks

Shaqiri’s Socks: A blog about how Shaqiri has improved since his first season.

Shaqiri Socks provide an insight into the player’s development and improvement this season. The Swiss international has taken the Premier League by storm, scoring a number of crucial goals which have helped Stoke City, who were bottom of the table when he joined, to avoid relegation.

Shaqiri, 23, was born in Switzerland and grew up in Basel before moving to Germany at age 16 to play for Bayern Munich’s youth team. He made his debut for the first team in 2009 and went on to score 18 goals in 51 appearances before joining Inter Milan in January 2013 where he played alongside Lionel Messi and Mario Balotelli among others.

In January 2015, Shaqiri signed for Stoke City on a four-and-a-half-year deal worth £12 million from Inter Milan after being released by Inter due to financial difficulties at the San Siro club. He made his debut for Stoke against Manchester City on February 7th 2015 before making his first start against Manchester United two weeks later – scoring twice in the 4-1 win over Louis van Gaal’s side.

The following season saw Shaqiri continue his impressive form which saw him score another

Welcome to shaqiri’s improving socks, a blog that discusses the great things that have happened since Shaqiri’s first season.

I would like to begin by saying that I am a Liverpool fan. I’m not just any Liverpool fan, I am a die hard supporter and have been so from the age of 3. One day I hope to be able to go to see my club play live and relish in the atmosphere of St Marys Stadium.

I can remember when Shaqiri was first signed for Liverpool FC; I was so excited as he was an excellent player who played for Bayern Munich and Inter Milan, two strong clubs. However, I must admit that he did not impress me at all during his first season with us.

I think this is because he didn’t really get a chance to play much and I never really got to see him play properly, only in glimpses here and there. But what I did see of him was very disappointing; his performances were average at best but more often than not he just looked disinterested in what was happening on the pitch.

However, this season has been a different story altogether! He has been one of our best players so far this campaign and has really

Shaqiri’s Improving socks is a blog that describes and analyzes in-depth Shaqiri’s improvements throught his 5 seasons in the premier league. The blog titled ‘Shaqiri’s Improving Socks’ is based on his improvement over the last 5 years but also explains how he has improved as a player. Shaqiri has been an important player for Liverpool this season and has showed that he is not just a born winner but also an improving footballer at the top of his game.

The blog will cover topics such as:

How Shaqiri is an improving footballer

How he has become more creative

How he can help Liverpool this season

And much more…

Since his first season, Shaqiri has improved a lot. His passing has improved, his dribbling has improved, his crossing has improved, his finishing has improved. Basically, everything about him has improved since his first season at Stoke.

A lot of this comes from the fact that he is being played in more of a central position and not being asked to do as much defensive work on the right hand side. However, he also looks fitter and stronger now too. This is partly down to how we train in the gym. We use SCI-MX supplements and whey protein shakes to help us recover after training sessions and bulk up. There are loads of different types of protein shakes you can use – look for

shaqiri protein shake for some ideas.

The improvement in finishing is very noticeable – he looks far more confident shooting with his left foot now and this is mostly due to the fact that he is playing as an inside forward who can cut into the middle rather than being stuck out on the right wing all the time.

Shaqiri has been a revelation since he arrived at the club in 2015. Now, three years later, he is one of the most dangerous players in Europe.

But what has changed? Why is he now scoring goals every week? How did he get so good?

Well, I believe it all comes down to his socks.

Before this season, Shaqiri was wearing a pair of black socks with no patterns or anything on them. But now, he’s wearing a pair of white socks with the Stoke City badge on them.

Why does this change make such a difference to his game? Well, if you think about it logically, before every game Shaqiri had to take off his black socks and put on new ones. But now all he has to do is put on another pair of white socks – this saves him 30 seconds every time! And over the course of a season that’s more than 200 minutes saved! That’s more than two whole games!

Two whole games saved thanks to a new pair of socks! Incredible stuff from Stoke’s Swiss magician.

Shaqiri had a good season at Stoke and England. He was great at dribbling and had good work rate, but his end product wasn’t great. His crossing wasn’t the best but he looked dangerous in every game. But this season he has improved, which is the main reason for my blog.

Shaqiri’s goal against Hull was a clear sign of improvement from last season. Last season he would’ve skied or blocked the ball but this season he has shown some great composure to slot the ball past the keeper. This shows that he is training hard to improve his finishing; a lot of players would have rushed it but Shaqiri took his time and finished well.

A criticism of Shaqiri from last season was that his crossing wasn’t good enough so he decided to work on it in training, as shown by his assist against Hull. He whipped a great cross into the box which Arnautovic headed home. This shows how Shaqiri has developed by working on both his crossing and delivery ability.

The former Bayern Munich winger has come on leaps and bounds since his debut season for the Potters.

When he signed for Stoke, he was an unknown quantity – a Swiss international with a decent record in the Bundesliga and Champions League, but one who had never played in England before.

The 24-year-old was a bit of an enigma at first, often going missing from games when you’d expect him to have a bigger influence.

But that has changed this term, and it’s not just because his new haircut enables him to play better. He’s also bulked up on muscle, which helps him hold off opponents more easily than last term.

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