Rangers and Pirates Face Off in a Thrilling, 1-0 Game 7 Thriller

The Rangers and Pirates are facing off in a thrilling 1-0 game 7 thriller.

The Rangers scored first, with a home run by Adrian Beltre in the second inning. The score remained unchanged for the rest of the game, with both sides’ pitchers throwing a shutout.

Going into Game 7, the series was tied at 3-3. The previous game went to the Rangers, with an 8-1 victory over Pittsburgh.

0:00: Well, after a thrilling first six game of the MLB playoffs, we’re finally down to our last game of the season. The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Texas Rangers are facing off tonight in a Game 7 Thriller. This will be the Pirates second chance at a World Series title since 1979, and the Rangers are coming off of a heartbreaking Game 6 loss that saw them go from 2 runs up in the 7th inning to 1 run down in the 9th. They need this win if they want to avoid another year of heartbreak.

1:04: The Rangers have their ace pitcher on the mound tonight, Cole Hamels. He’s already thrown one gem this series, going 8 innings and striking out 12 batters while allowing only 2 hits in Game 3. If he can repeat his performance from that game, tonight might be over before it even starts. Not that it matters though; all that matters is who wins this one deciding game.

1:09: The Pirates have their ace pitcher on the mound as well, Francisco Liriano. He’s been dealing with some elbow issues as of late, but he’s still a very dangerous pitcher when he’s on his game. It should be an exciting matchup between him and Hamels tonight.

Tonight, the Rangers and Pirates face off in a Game 7 match-up at the Arlington Ballpark. It’s been an exciting series with both teams scoring multiple runs each game. It’s no different tonight as the Rangers and Pirates battle for a spot in the 2015 World Series.

Fans from both teams are expected to pack the ballpark to watch their teams play for a chance to be one of baseball’s elite.

The Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals face off in what will be a thrilling game seven. The Cardinals, who won game six, lead the series 3-2, and hope to win their home game tonight.

The Rangers, however, have something to say about that. They will be starting their ace pitcher Cole Hamels tonight, who has not lost a game since being traded from the Phillies this season.

The Rangers are also hoping to end a run of bad luck in previous play-offs series against St. Louis: they have lost each time they have played in the post-season against the Cardinals.

Hamels is much better at home than on the road; he hasn’t lost a home start this season. But he also hasn’t pitched in nearly a week, so it remains to be seen if he’ll be able to shake off any rust as well as he did after his last layoff in September.

The Cardinals’ defense is just as good as the Rangers’, but their pitching is worse (3rd worst ERA in MLB). One weakness they do have, though, is when facing left-handed batters: they are hitting them just .236 this season. The Rangers have only one lefty starter (Josh Hamilton), but if they can get

The Pittsburgh Pirates are in the playoffs. They face off against the Texas Rangers tonight for Game 7 of the NL Division Series. The winner will advance to the American League Championship Series and a chance to win the World Series.

The Pirates were declared the winners of Game 6 on Wednesday night, but it was a controversial decision by manager Clint Hurdle that may have turned the tide in their favor. With two outs in the eighth inning and a runner on third base, Hurdle called for a sacrifice fly from outfielder Starling Marte. The ball flew into centerfield, but Pirates baserunner Gregory Polanco slid hard into second base and was ruled out by umpire Dan Iassogna.

The Pirates appealed to Major League Baseball, which then overturned the call on Thursday morning. In an interview with MLB Network Radio, Hurdle said he made the call because he had confidence in Polanco’s ability to slide safely into second base and avoid being tagged out. “I just felt like we needed to get him home,” Hurdle said. “I didn’t think it was going to be close enough for them to overturn.”

Polanco’s run gave the Pirates a 5-3 lead heading into the ninth inning, and they held on to

The 2015 MLB playoffs are here and the first game of the American League Division Series between the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays was a thrilling and exciting one.

The Rangers won 5-3 to take Game 1 in Toronto, with Derek Holland earning the win on the mound for Texas. The Blue Jays will turn to David Price, who is starting Game 2.

Read on for live updates from all of the action:

At the top of the seventh inning, Rangers centerfielder Delino DeShields is left alone with his thoughts. He is not thinking about baseball. He is thinking about his dad.

The former Major League Baseball player spent a decade in the league after being drafted by the Montreal Expos in 1987. He won a World Series ring with the Baltimore Orioles in 1983. His son, Delino Jr., was drafted eighth overall by the Houston Astros in 2010 and now starts for Texas at age 22.

As a kid, Delino Jr. watched his dad play on television and attended games whenever he could. Now he plays against men who watched him as a kid—Jose Bautista, Josh Donaldson, Edwin Encarnacion—and dreams of one day winning his own World Series ring.

He doesn’t know yet if he will win tonight or lose. But what he does know is that if he loses it will be devastating, but if he wins it will be one of the happiest days of his life, so much so that it will erase all the bad memories from this season and make him forget how much fun it was to play baseball before everything became so serious.

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