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The MLB season is almost at a close, and this year’s pennant winners are becoming clear. The Boston Red Sox have won the American League East, with the last few games of the season not affecting their position in the standings. In the National League West, the Los Angeles Dodgers have maintained their lead over the San Francisco Giants to capture their division’s title. The teams that finished second in each league will meet in a one-game Wild Card playoff on Wednesday, October 2nd. The winner of that game will face off against the team from its league that had the best record during the regular season.

The National League Central race is still going strong, with three teams – the Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds – still within range of winning their division, as well as qualifying for one of two Wild Card spots. The Detroit Tigers have already clinched a playoff spot as winners of their division; all that remains to be seen is where they will play for the first round of playoffs, which begin on October 3rd for both leagues.

The MLB season is upon us and the pennant races are heating up. Let’s look at which teams are atop their divisions.

The American League East Division is currently led by the New York Yankees, who have a 1 game lead over their rival Boston Red Sox. The AL Central Division is led by the Minnesota Twins, who have a 4 game lead over the Chicago White Sox. In the AL West Division the Texas Rangers have a 3 game lead over the Oakland A’s. The AL Wild Card has 3 great contenders: The Boston Red Sox, Chicago White Sox, and Los Angeles Angels all have a pretty good chance to make it into the playoffs.

The National League East Division is led by none other than the Philadelphia Phillies, who hold a 6 game lead over the Atlanta Braves. The NL Central Division is currently led by none other than our beloved St Louis Cardinals, who hold a 3 game lead over the Cincinnati Reds. In the NL West Division we find another first place team from Missouri: The Kansas City Royals are leading with a 1 game lead over the Colorado Rockies. The NL Wild Card is also very competitive with many teams in contention: The Atlanta Braves and San Francisco Giants both have a chance to participate in this years World Series.

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So far, the only team to clinch a playoff spot is the Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox won the American League East by 2 games over the Yankees, and will enter the playoffs as division champs. The Red Sox will probably play the Tampa Bay Rays in the first round of the playoffs.

The Twins also clinched their division last night, winning the AL Central by 6 games over Detroit.

The NL divisions are still very much up in the air; none of them have been clinched yet. But there are only 5 games left in the season: it’s possible they could all be decided by this Sunday.

The three NL divisions are all quite close. The Phillies lead the Cardinals by one game, with both teams having a magic number (combined wins and losses by other teams) of three to clinch their division. The Dodgers are leading Colorado by two games, but have a magic number of five for their division (which means that if Colorado wins all their remaining games and Los Angeles loses all theirs, Colorado will win). And in the NL West, San Francisco leads San Diego by 1 game; each team has a magic number of three.

The World Series is on the horizon.

The American League and National League Divisional Playoffs are set, and the race to the championship begins this afternoon.

In the American League, the Boston Red Sox and Cleveland Indians will start their series in Boston, while the Houston Astros and New York Yankees will begin their clash in Houston. In the National League, the Chicago Cubs and Washington Nationals will start in Washington, with the Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers beginning their series in Los Angeles.

Here’s a look at each team’s history, a summary of their path to the playoffs, and what to expect from them in this year’s postseason.

ATLANTA – Major League Baseball announced its postseason schedule on Tuesday, with the American League Division Series beginning Oct. 6 and the National League starting the next day.

The Detroit Tigers will host the New York Yankees in one of two American League Division Series. The second AL series will feature the Texas Rangers at either the Boston Red Sox or Tampa Bay Rays.

The Washington Nationals will host the St. Louis Cardinals in one of two National League Division Series. The other NL matchup will have the Atlanta Braves facing either the Los Angeles Dodgers or San Francisco Giants.

The five-game ALDS are scheduled to be played from Oct. 6-12, with all games on TBS, except for Game 3 between Detroit and New York, which will be on FOX/FS1. The ALDS games played in Boston and Tampa Bay will be decided by coin flip, with Games 1 and 2 going to the home team that wins Friday’s flip and Games 3-5 going to the home team that loses Friday’s flip.

The five-game NLDS is scheduled from Oct. 7-12, with all games on TBS, including Game 3 between Washington and St. Louis and Game 4 between Atlanta and Los Angeles/San Francisco if necessary.

The two American League wild card teams advancing to the Division Series were the Oakland Athletics and the Kansas City Royals, both of whom beat the Los Angeles Angels and the Baltimore Orioles in their respective series. The National League wild card teams are the Pittsburgh Pirates and the San Francisco Giants, who beat the Cincinnati Reds and the Washington Nationals respectively.

The American League Division Series featured two matchups with rematches from the 2013 postseason: Kansas City vs. Los Angeles, and Baltimore vs. Detroit. The Royals defeated the Angels in three games, and swept them into 2014. The Tigers defeated their AL Central rival, Baltimore, in four games.

In the National League, both series went to five games as well; however, one was a sweep as per usual in baseball: St. Louis dominated Los Angeles in a manner similar to that of Kansas City over Los Angeles; however, San Francisco defeated Washington in five games just like Pittsburgh did Cincinnati.

The MLB postseason begins on Oct. 4 and runs through the World Series, which is scheduled to begin Oct. 24. The postseason format features three rounds, with the Wild Card Game, Division Series, League Championship Series and World Series making up the bracket.

The first round of the 2018 MLB playoffs features five teams from the American League and National League vying for a spot in their respective league’s Division Series. The two Wild Card winners will play a one-game playoff to advance to the Division Series. The winner of that game will face the team with the best regular-season record in its league — the Boston Red Sox (American League) or Houston Astros (National League) — while the other advances to face the team with the second-best regular-season record — either the Cleveland Indians or New York Yankees (AL) or Los Angeles Dodgers (NL).

In each league, teams are seeded 1-3 based on records, with division winners getting top billing. The leagues are structured so that teams with better records face teams with worse records in each series.

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