NHL Second Round Playoff Predictions

In this blog I will be discussing who is going to make it to round three of the NHL playoffs for the 2019 season.

Starting with the Western Conference, I predict that the San Jose Sharks will win their series against the Colorado Avalanche.

The next series in the Western Conference is a harder one to predict as both teams are playing well and have a strong group of players. I think that the St. Louis Blues will beat the Dallas Stars in seven games.

Finally, in round two of the Western Conference playoffs I think that the San Jose Sharks would play best against the St. Louis Blues because they are a similar team and it would be a good match up for them as well as for us viewers.

The second round of the NHL playoffs are coming up and I have some predictions on who will make it to the third round. The Tampa Bay Lightning and Columbus Blue Jackets finished the season with a strong record. This means they will be getting a bye to round two of the playoffs. The Boston Bruins, Washington Capitals, Calgary Flames, and San Jose Sharks all have impressive records as well.

My first prediction is that the Carolina Hurricanes will defeat the Washington Capitals. They have shown that they can play hard and fast while also being able to slow things down. They also have a great goalie in Petr Mrazek. I think their biggest competition will be the New York Islanders, who were able to clinch a wildcard spot this year. I believe it will be a close series between them, but in my opinion Carolina has a better offense than defense and that is what will get them through this series.

My second prediction is that after defeating the Pittsburgh Penguins in Round One of the Stanley Cup Playoffs, the New York Islanders will lose to Carolina Hurricanes in Round Two of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Although they have proven that they can score goals against any team, their lack of defense may be their downfall against Carolina who won three out of four games against them during the regular season. The

The second round of the 2019 NHL playoffs is underway and I’m here to give you my predictions for how the second round will end. The first round was a success as I predicted three out of the four series correctly, but I had some trouble with other series as well.

In my first post this season I picked teams that would make it to the playoffs and predicted that the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Washington Capitals would meet in the Stanley Cup finals. The Capitals were eliminated in round one by the Carolina Hurricanes, which means that will not happen.

I also predicted that the Pittsburgh Penguins would win their first round series against the New York Islanders, but they lost in four games. The Islanders swept them in four straight games and will now face off against the Lightning in round two.

The Lightning have already won two games against the Blue Jackets, who are also my favorite team, and I don’t think they’ll lose more than two games before advancing to round three. The Predators have lost two games to Dallas Stars so far and I’m not sure if they can win this series either.

The only series that has gone according to plan so far is Colorado vs San Jose Sharks but San Jose might not be able to win that one anymore. They lost game five 5-

The series will start on April 28th.

The San Jose Sharks will take on the Colorado Avalanche. The winner of this series will go on to play the winner of the St. Louis Blues and Dallas Stars in the Conference Final. Even though the Avalanche are a young team, they have been playing very well. They might be able to win against the Sharks who have not played nearly as well as they did last year. The odds are that the Sharks will win this series because they have more experience, but if it comes down to a game seven then I think that the Avalanche will win.

The other series in this conference will start on April 26th.

The Calgary Flames will be playing against the home team Colorado Avalanche. The Flames have been doing very well and I think that they will win this series against a very young team. They should be able to make it to round three where there is a chance that they could meet up with their rivals, the Edmonton Oilers or even see their home town rivals, all depending on who wins in round two of course.

The second round of the playoffs is here and there are some seriously good match ups this round. The first round went pretty much as predicted and the second round will be just as competitive.

Here are my predictions for the second round of the NHL playoffs.

The Columbus Blue Jackets defeated the Tampa Bay Lightning in a four game sweep, shocking everyone in the hockey world. If they have any chance of beating Boston, they need Bobrovsky to be able to handle Boston’s offense, which is no easy feat. Boston wins in six games.

The Calgary Flames finished off the Colorado Avalanche in five games and will now go against San Jose. With San Jose having home ice advantage and the Flames already playing two series, I think San Jose will take this series in six games.

The New York Islanders swept their way out of the first round with a win over Pittsburgh and will face off against Carolina for a spot in the conference finals. Carolina is coming off a win against Washington in seven games, so I think that New York has what it takes to beat them out for a spot in the conference finals. New York should win this series in six games.

The St Louis Blues won against Winnipeg in six games and will go up against Dallas for a chance at moving on

The NHL playoffs have been amazing so far. We are only through the first round, but we have seen crazy goals, fights, and a few upsets. The second round is going to be even better. There are eight teams left, and four of them will make it to the conference finals. The second round comes full of great goalies, incredible talent, and lots of backstories like Crosby versus Ovechkin and the New York Islanders versus the Carolina Hurricanes.

The Vegas Golden Knights are going to beat the San Jose Sharks in six games. The Golden Knights had an average series against the Los Angeles Kings in round one. San Jose had a much better series against division rival Vegas than expected. San Jose won game seven on a controversial call that stopped a potential overtime goal by Vegas. This only adds fuel to the fire for this series between division rivals that have never met in the playoffs before. I believe that Vegas will get their revenge for last year’s playoff loss against San Jose when they were ousted from the second round after having previously been to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The Colorado Avalanche are going to beat the Calgary Flames in five games. Calgary has surprised everyone by beating the best team in hockey during this regular season in just five games during their first-round

The Penguins and Capitals are matched up again in the second round. The Penguins have a bit of a disadvantage, as their offense is not as strong as the Capitals. With players like Evgeni Malkin, Kris Letang and Sidney Crosby, the Penguins are going to be trying to play catch up.

The Caps should win this one with ease. I would say it will be a series sweep for them.

The other team in this division is the Lightning. They have done very well this season, but they are also facing some tough opponents in the Bruins. Boston has had an outstanding regular season, and they look to keep that going into the playoffs.

The Bruins have been a top team all year long and they look to continue that trend here in the playoffs. Both of these teams are vying for a trip to the finals.

The Lightning need to get off to a strong start, if they want any chance at beating the Bruins in this series. They will not be able to play catch up hockey with Boston like Pittsburgh did with Washington. It would be an upset if Tampa Bay won this series.

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