Nfl Team By Team 2017 Season Win Total Predictions

Nfl Team By Team 2017 Season Win Total Predictions

In 2016, the New York Giants finished 10-6, good enough for the No. 5 seed in the NFC. They were just one game behind Dallas for the division lead and two games behind No. 2 seed Atlanta in the conference. All of that despite a -30 point differential on the season. Things were going to be different for Big Blue this season, though. Ben McAdoo was going to lead his team to a championship.

But then came an ugly Week 1 loss to Dallas and a no-show in Week 2 against Detroit, and suddenly the Giants (and their fans) were wondering if they could even reach last year’s win total. Then came four straight wins, and it looked like they were back on track again.

But then came a five-game losing streak, punctuated by a 51-17 embarrassment against the Rams on Sunday. And now here we are: The Giants have gone from having realistic hopes of making a run at Dallas and possibly even Atlanta in the NFC to having absolutely zero chance of making the postseason at all unless they somehow manage to run the table and finish 10-6 once again.

The only problem is that’s not going to happen because:

NFL Team-by-Team 2017 Season Win Total Predictions

There is a bit of a break in the action after the NFL draft, but before the preseason. So I figured now was a good time to take a look at each team’s win totals and see if I can find any value in them.

Let me start by saying that I found very little value in these lines. The market has done a great job of setting these lines as nearly every single one looks about right to me.

The only two teams that jump out as having clear value are the Saints and the Chiefs, both of which seem like they should be better than their lines indicate.

I’ll start with the Saints, who are coming off a 7-9 season but were actually a much better team than their record would indicate. They finished 7-9 despite having a point differential of +27 on the year, which is usually good for 8 or 9 wins at least.

Now Drew Brees is another year older and Brandin Cooks is gone, but this is still an underrated roster with one of the best quarterbacks in football under center. They also have one of the easiest schedules in football this year as they play in what may be the worst division in football and draw an incredibly easy schedule

Here are the forecasted win totals for the 2017 NFL season, as set by the Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook.

The NFC East comes in with two of the highest projected win total at 10.5 for both Dallas and the New York Giants. Dallas was 13-3 last year but lost a number of key players on defense and will see a step back this season. The Giants come into this season after acquiring wide receiver Brandon Marshall and drafting tight end Evan Engram from Ole Miss. The Philadelphia Eagles come in at 7.5 wins while the Washington Redskins are projected to finish with seven wins.

The NFC North has three teams with over/under totals of nine wins or more, led by Green Bay at 10.5 wins, Minnesota at 9 wins and Detroit at 8.5 wins. Chicago is projected to have five wins, similar to last year’s 3-13 record.

The NFC South comes in as the toughest division in football with three teams having over/under totals of nine wins or more: Atlanta (10), Carolina (9) and Tampa Bay (8.5). The only team that is not projected to be competitive is New Orleans who comes in at 6 wins despite a solid draft class and free agency period which included drafting

The NFL season is finally upon us.

The 2017 NFL season is finally upon us. After months of speculation and anticipation, we will get to see the players in action on the field for real.

Over the next few weeks, we will be looking at the win totals for each team in the NFL, as set by Westgate, and offering up our predictions on whether or not each one will go over or under. We will also be offering up some analysis of each team with a look at their strengths and weaknesses for the coming year.

The win totals are based off of the regular season only, so any ties will be treated as a push and you would get your money back if you had that side.

Today we look at all four teams from the AFC East division.

Buffalo Bills (Westgate Win Total: 6.5 Wins)

The Buffalo Bills enter this season with a ton of questions. One thing they do have going for them is a new head coach in Sean McDermott who also brings along offensive coordinator Rick Dennison and defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier to join him in Orchard Park, NY. These three coaches should help bring a winning mentality to an organization that has been drifting aimlessly for much of the past decade with just two winning

The NFL season is just a week away, and with that in mind, we are here to take a look at each team and make our predictions for their win totals.

The win total projections below reflect the results of our 2017 NFL Season simulations. We simulated the season 20,000 times using our predictive Power Ratings and play-by-play data from the 2015 and 2016 seasons, with each game played out one play at a time. After simulating each team’s record 20,000 times, we determined their average (mean) wins for the upcoming season.

In addition to the win total projections, we have also included our confidence rating for each teams over/under line. Our confidence rating is ranked on a scale from 1 to 5 stars with 5 stars being the highest and 1 being the lowest. The higher rated picks are more likely to be correct than lower rated ones; however all of them are still subject to variance based on luck, injuries, etc.

All odds are courtesy of Sportsbook Review as of Thursday September 7th unless otherwise noted.

No one ever said winning would be easy.

The schedule is done, the season is looming and the NFL is back. So are we, as we try to predict what will happen in 2017.

Last year, we were not so good. We predicted a 10-win season for the Cowboys and a total of nine wins for the AFC West champion Raiders. The Cowboys went 13-3 and did not win the Super Bowl. The Raiders went 12-4 and did not win their division. We also predicted a team other than New England would win the AFC East, but that was our only division prediction that came true.

We learned the Los Angeles Rams are bad at football and the Minnesota Vikings are good at it, which was pretty obvious after Week 1 last year but still worth mentioning because of how much we thought both teams would improve in 2016.

The 2017 NFL season is finally here. The offseason is over, we’ve had the draft, free agency and training camp, and now we can look forward to what promises to be another exciting season of football.

To prepare you, we’ve been previewing all 32 teams in a series called “Countdown to Kickoff,” with one team coming out every day until Sunday’s opener. By the end, you’ll know everything you need to know about every team heading into the 2017 season.

I’ll also be offering up my own predictions for each team, which will focus on how many wins I think they’ll have this season. These aren’t meant to be definitive predictions for how each team will finish in the standings; rather, these are a few thoughts about what I think could happen with each club in 2017.

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