Nba Playoff Standings A Breakdown on the NBA 2008-09 Standings

Playoffs Standings: A Breakdown

The 2008-09 NBA season is almost over, and the final playoff standings are finally set. It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the NBA, and as a result I’ve always had a fascination with the NBA standings. This year, I thought I’d write a post about my favorite stats and breakdowns from this year’s regular season.

1) Playoff Picture

W L GB Conf Div PCT Home Road Last 10 Strk

LAL 55 21 – 47-29 13-5 0.724 28-8 27-13 8-2 L1

DEN 52 24 3 46-30 11-7 0.684 32-9 20-15 6-4 W1

DAL 49 27 6 41-35 12-6 0.645 29-10 20-17 7-3 W2

NOH 49 28 6 39-37 9-9 0.636 22-18 27-10 8-2 W4

UTAH 48 28 7 38-38 14-4 0.632 26-11 22-17 9-1 W4

SA 45 31 10 38-38 14-4 0.592 30-5 15-26 4-6

Welcome to my blog, here is your chance to read all about the NBA standings.

You will find on this website all you need to know about the NBA standings.

I am a big fan of basketball, like playing ball and writing about basketball.

I have been following the NBA for years, I always look at how teams are doing in the standings, how they played their last game, who’s doing better and who’s not.

And of course, I look at the playoff standings, that’s when it gets interesting.

When all teams start playing each other in an elimination game series until we only have one team left, that is when the fun begins!

To see who will be in a position to play for a championship and who will be on vacation early.

This is also where we notice which team dominated during the regular season but couldn’t get it done in the playoffs or a team that wasn’t even supposed to make it to the playoffs but became a surprise team.

The NBA Playoffs are just around the corner (April 18th to be exact), and teams are fighting for their playoff lives. Here is a breakdown of the NBA standings as of March 26, 2009.

Eastern Conference

1. Cleveland Cavaliers 55-15

2. Boston Celtics 54-17

3. Orlando Magic 48-23

4. Atlanta Hawks 44-27

5. Miami Heat 43-28

6. Philadelphia 76ers 36-35

7. Toronto Raptors 36-36

8. Chicago Bulls 32-41

9. Charlotte Bobcats 31-40

10. Detroit Pistons 27-44

11. Milwaukee Bucks 23-49

12. New York Knicks 22-49

The NBA 2008-2009 regular season has finally come to an end and the playoffs are set to start on April 18th. The usual suspects are in, but there have been a few surprises in the league. The Boston Celtics have the number one seed in the East with 61 wins and 21 losses.The Cleveland Cavaliers, who many thought would be number one, came in second place with 66 wins and 16 losses.The Orlando Magic came in third with 59 wins and 23 losses. The Atlanta Hawks made it into the NBA playoffs for the first time since 1999 and will battle the Miami Heat for the final playoff spot.

In the West, The Los Angeles Lakers finished first with 65 wins and 17 losses while the Denver Nuggets finished second with 54 wins and 28 losses.The reigning champions San Antonio Spurs were third with 54 wins and 28 losses as well.The Portland Trailblazers landed fourth place with 54 wins and 28 losses as well.The New Orleans Hornets took fifth place with 49 wins and 33 losses while the Dallas Mavericks finished sixth with 50 wins and 32 losses.

This is going to be a great year in basketball as all of these teams are playoff worthy and there should be some exciting match ups!

It’s that time of year again. It’s playoff time in the NBA. The 16 teams that make it to this point have fought through 82 games to prove their dominance over the rest of their conference and the league. As the playoffs get underway, many fans are just finding out how their team has done this season.

For those of you that are new to the NBA and wondering what all this talk about the standings is about, here is a quick breakdown:

The regular season consists of 82 games played by each team. The teams are grouped into two conferences with three divisions each (Eastern Conference, Western Conference). The champion from each division makes the playoffs along with four teams from each conference that didn’t win their division (wild cards).

The first round of the playoffs is a seven game series for each series between two teams. After each team wins three games, a tiebreaker will be played until one team emerges victorious after seven games. Each round after that is also a seven game series with the same rules applying.

The winner from each conference plays in the NBA Finals for another seven game series. The winner of this series wins the NBA Championship.

With such an arduous process to win an NBA Championship, it becomes imperative to keep track of your favorite team

**nba standings**

The NBA season is a long and grueling journey, with many ups and downs. It’s a tumultuous rollercoaster ride that tests the physical, mental and even emotional strength of players and coaches alike. The teams who survive the season are those who have strength in all facets of the game, both offensively (scoring) and defensively (stopping the other guys from scoring).

But here at nbastandings, we care only about one thing: Which teams score more points than their opponents? That’s right, we’re talking about point differential. Why do we care about point differential? Because point differential is the best predictor of a team’s future performance. In fact, it’s so good that it even gives us a glimpse into how they’d perform against past teams.

Who will win this year’s championship? We don’t know yet, but we can make an educated guess by looking at their point differentials.

We’ll update this post throughout the playoffs and adjust our predictions as needed. If you want to see our predictions for each matchup, check out our playoff matchups page.

The NBA is a league where the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. The elite teams always seem to find a way to survive in the playoffs, while the lower tier teams are often eliminated quickly in the first round. The NBA is not like the NFL or even MLB, where any given team can win on any given day.

In this article we will look at each individual conference and offer predictions on who will make it out of each conference.

The Western Conference is by far the stronger of the two conferences. Five teams in the Western Conference have over 50 wins this season, while only one team in the East has over 50 wins. There are a few other things we must discuss before going into our predictions for each match-up.

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