Is There Enough Talent in the West? a blog about how the west has gotten so tough and if there is enough talent for teams in the west

Gonzaga basketball program has been among the top teams in the west for a while now, but they are also one of the top teams in the nation as well. In fact, they have had a very good run in the NCAA tournament and have been to at least one final four game since 2012.

The reason there is so much talent in the west is because it has become such a competitive place to play basketball. The West Coast Conference (WCC) is one of those conferences that has gotten really competitive over the past few years and it’s because there are so many great players who come from California that are playing in this conference.

There are also some other factors that make it such an attractive league for players like Gonzaga because they can get a lot more exposure than some other teams do when they play here. For example, if you look at some of the best programs in college basketball like Duke, Kansas, Michigan State or UCLA then you will see that these teams always seem to be making noise during tournament time and they do this because they have really good coaches who know how

Here is my question. Is there enough basketball talent in the West for a team to win it all? It might seem like a silly question, but I think there is a good argument that the answer is no.

The argument goes like this. The NBA has 15 teams in the West and only 15 in the East. That means every team in the East will play every team in the West at least once. That means that at least once during an 82 game season, every team in the East will get to play a game against Sacramento or Memphis or Atlanta or Minnesota. This gives teams in the West an extra disadvantage because they have to play these games when they are really fatigued or after playing a really tough opponent.

Also, Eastern Conference teams do not have to deal with long cross country trips as often as Western Conference teams do. This gives them an advantage because their players are better rested then their opponents from the Western Conference.

I do not know if you agree with me, but I think that this unfairness makes it very hard for a team from the West to win it all.

With the top teams in the nation, Gonzaga and Saint Mary’s, both residing in the WCC and BYU being a consistent threat every year, it is easy to see why this conference is so dominant. Having one of the best guard duos in college basketball on a team that is consistently in the top 10 does not hurt either.

The west coast has become such a strong power over the years and with Gonzaga returning their two leading scorers from last season, Nigel Williams-Goss and Jordan Mathews, there is no doubt that the Zags will be at the top of the west once again.

Although Saint Mary’s has lost its two leading scorers from last season, they return one of their most influential players from last year: Jock Landale. Landale averaged 11 points per game and 6 rebounds per game for Saint Mary’s last year. He was an integral part to why they won so many games last year and he will be instrumental to their success this year as well.

When talking about potential NCAA tournament bids for teams on the west coast, it would be foolish not to mention BYU as well. BYU has been very consistent over the years and will look to continue their success this year with a new head

There are two types of teams in the West. The first type is comprised of teams that have a superstar, whether they are a contender or not. The second type of team is comprised of contenders who have no star.

The teams that have superstars are the Spurs, the Thunder, the Rockets, and to a lesser extent, the Clippers. The Clippers have an interesting case because Chris Paul is a superstar but Blake Griffin is not yet at that level. What this means is that in games against these teams, you cannot expect to win if you are one player down. If you are playing Tim Duncan and Tony Parker, you will need your own high-level player to match them. If you are playing Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, you will need your own high-level player to match them.

The teams that do not have superstars are the Grizzlies, the Trailblazers, and the Warriors. These teams rely on team play and chemistry to win games because they do not have that one guy who can singlehandedly carry them to victory. These teams thrive on teamwork and defense because they do not necessarily have a go-to scorer for every game.

All three of these teams made it to the playoffs last year as contenders (the Blazers lost in six games

I don’t think so.

I feel like the West is too good for most teams in it, and I’m worried about Gonzaga.

There are a lot of really good basketball players in the Western United States. The West Coast has always had a lot of good players, but it used to be that there was a gap between the best ones and everybody else. Now there’s an even more interesting gap – between the best and second-best, and between the second-best and third-best. And if you thought the first gap was big, this one’s gigantic.

The top five or six teams in the West are still better than almost any team anywhere else in the country, but after that there’s a dropoff that’s really kind of shocking. It’s easy to miss because all these middling teams are beating each other up trying to go .500 in conference play, but it’s significant: teams will have a hard time staying above .500 against WCC competition this season, even with their home-court advantages.

It’s a great time to be a college basketball fan in the West.

The Pac-12 and West Coast Conference both have multiple teams in the top 25, and there’s a legitimate debate over which conference is stronger. There are four games between those conferences’ teams on Saturday alone, including the annual showdown between No. 3 Gonzaga and No. 10 Saint Mary’s at the Kennel.

The WCC has been really good this year, while the Pac-12 has been “down” from its usual standards, though still very strong with Arizona at No. 3 and UCLA at No. 21 in the AP poll.

Which is better?

We can go about answering this statistical question in many ways, but let’s start by looking at each team individually and seeing what it’s done so far this season outside of its conference. This will help us get a sense of how good each team actually is, instead of just how good it looks based on who it plays in its league.

In other words, we’ll see which teams have played a difficult nonconference schedule and which teams haven’t played anybody yet — and thus might look better than they actually are — since conference play began two months ago

The best college basketball conference this season isn’t the Big East or the ACC. It’s the West Coast Conference.

The WCC is at a crossroads. The league has received five NCAA tournament bids in each of the past two seasons, but that may be as good as it gets for a while. Gonzaga, Saint Mary’s and BYU are all losing at least three starters, while San Diego has lost its coach and might lose its best player to transfer.

We can put Gonzaga’s rise into context by seeing how much it changed the chances of being a college basketball star in the WCC. In 1995–96, the first year of Mark Few’s tenure as an assistant at Gonzaga, your chances of eventually becoming an NBA draft pick were about 1 in 500 if you played in the WCC. By last season, that number was up to 1 in 35–an increase of more than 700 percent.

Still, even now you’re almost twice as likely to be drafted if you play in the Big 12 (1 in 20). And it’s not only because those Big 12 players are better; it’s also because there are many more of them playing Division I ball. Going forward, there will be fewer players who consider it worthwhile to attend West Coast

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