How To Win Your Fantasy Football League in 2017

The 2017 NFL season is right around the corner, and if you’re like us, you couldn’t be more excited. Whether you’re a die-hard fantasy football veteran or a casual fan who joined up for the first time last year, we’ve got the perfect guide to help win your league in 2017. Here’s how to get an edge on your competitors this season:

1. Study the draft from all angles

2. Know when to go for two

3. Make bold, savvy trades

4. Don’t forget about bye weeks

5. Evaluate your team before and after every game

6. Use all three of your daily roster moves each week

7. Don’t be afraid to exploit the waiver wire

8. Stash high upside backups

If you are in a fantasy football league with me, I have some advice for you. The first thing you should do is trade me David Johnson for Aaron Rodgers. If we were in the same league last year, I’m sure you would have been happy to do this trade at the beginning of last season. It’s less clear what your reaction would be now.

One of the best things about fantasy football is that there is no limit to how much knowledge you can acquire about it. Unlike real football, fantasy football has no offseason. You can spend all year reading about it if you want.

Or you could spend all year working on a startup, and just spend your spare time coming up with a clever team name. In which case this article is for you. Here are some tips that should help even the laziest fantasy player win their league this year.

Your fantasy football league is probably in the middle of its playoffs right now. But if you’re not in the playoffs or are just playing for pride, it’s not too early to get a head start on your prep for next year.

The offseason is where championships are won and lost. It’s where an owner can make up ground on his competitors thanks to better scouting, better preparation and better research.

If you’re looking to win your league next season, here are some tips that will help you win at fantasy football!

You are going to be a champion. This is the first step to becoming a champion: you believe. The second step is picking a strategy and sticking to it.

“You just gotta trust yourself, man!!” – Charles Barkley

If you started reading this article in the hopes of finding out which players you should draft for your team, then you’ve come to the wrong place. Fantasy Football is an art form, and what works for one person might not work for another. It’s up to you to turn this meaningless computer program into a work of art.

The next time someone asks you how your fantasy football team did last week, don’t tell them that it won or lost. Tell them that it was beautiful!

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1. Do Your Research

No one wants to be that guy who drafts a Cowboys running back in the first round, only to remember too late that Ezekiel Elliott is suspended for six games.

Be sure to do your research ahead of time and know who is hurt or suspended before you draft.

2. Know Your Format

The same strategy that wins in one fantasy league won’t necessarily win you another. If you’re in a league with a bunch of your friends and you’re all familiar with each other’s drafting style, try something new this year. If you always go for wide receivers early, try drafting a few running backs at the top of your list instead. Just make sure you know which rules apply in your league before you draft.

3. Go for Value

You don’t have to draft LeSean McCoy as soon as possible just because he’s good — everyone knows he’s good and will likely hammer him down in the first round of most drafts. Aim to find players that have great value but aren’t going to get picked up right away (ahem, Kelvin Benjamin). It’s better to have McCoy on your team than not, but if you can pick up Golden Tate a few rounds later and then balance out your roster with some strong backups, it

Texans running back Lamar Miller had a breakout season in 2016, tallying 1,261 yards and five touchdowns on 268 carries. He also chipped in another 327 receiving yards and a touchdown on 31 catches. Now that he’ll be the featured back for a second straight year, he’s a good bet to outperform his draft position.

In 2016, the Dolphins were last in the league in rushing yards but first in rushing attempts. Ajayi took advantage of the volume to record 1,272 yards and eight touchdowns on 260 carries. The addition of Jay Cutler should help keep defenses from stacking the box against Ajayi as frequently, so he could potentially improve on those numbers this season.

Hyde is likely to see less action than other top backs this season due to new head coach Kyle Shanahan’s propensity for rotating running backs by game script, but his ability to run between the tackles and catch passes out of the backfield makes him worth drafting as a flex if you can’t get one of the top guys at his position.

Winning a fantasy football championship starts with a successful fantasy draft. Michael Fabiano shares with you the best fantasy football draft strategy to use for the 2017 NFL season.

Preparation is key, but it’s easier said than done. You will have to do your homework and research which players to draft, but that’s part of what makes fantasy football so enjoyable. Whether you go with a simple approach or get crazy with your fantasy draft strategy, it’s important to follow a basic plan while on the clock.

Let’s take a look at some general tips I’ve learned over the years by winning multiple fantasy championships in different leagues.

The first piece of advice is to not reach for need when drafting your team. In other words, don’t overdraft wide receivers just because you feel you need more depth at the position. The same goes for every other position in your starting lineup, as well as any fill-ins on your bench.

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