How To Watch IPL Cricket Matches Online or On TV

The title “How To Watch IPL Cricket Matches Online or On TV” says it all. This article is a blog about how you can watch cricket matches, whether you have cable or a satellite dish. It gives information on websites that offer live streaming of cricket matches along with highlights and commentary.

The article is written in a professional tone and uses a lot of technical jargon, but it’s not difficult to understand if you are familiar with the game of cricket. The author has included screenshots from the websites she recommends so that readers can see what she is talking about and get an idea of how easy it will be for them to use those sites.

The author does not seem biased towards any one particular website; however, she does state her opinion on which ones she thinks are best based on her own experience as well as others’ feedback. She also mentions some websites that offer live streaming at no cost while others charge money for access (this could be viewed as being biased against those who want free access).

She ends with saying that “the Internet has changed everything” because now anyone anywhere can enjoy watching live cricket matches without having cable or satellite TV service.”

Cricket is the most popular sport in India, and IPL or Indian Premier League is the most awaited cricket tournament of the year. Many people are always looking for ways to watch IPL matches either through live streaming on their mobiles, laptops or even on TV. In this post we will show you how you can watch IPL cricket matches online or on TV absolutely free!

Watch IPL Cricket Matches Online:

There are many websites where you can watch cricket matches for free. Some of them work only in a few countries, some of them have annoying ads and popups and some of them don’t even work. But there are some good websites too which allow you to watch live cricket matches without any ads or popups. One such website is Hotstar.

Hotstar is a live streaming website by Star Sports where you can catch up with all the latest cricket matches being played around the world including IPL, World Cup and other international tournaments. You can also watch popular TV shows like Game Of Thrones, Big Bang Theory etc on Hotstar.

To watch any match online simply go to and click on Cricket tab from the left sidebar menu or click on Live TV if it’s already selected. That’s it now you can enjoy

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most popular cricket competitions in the world. A lot of people enjoy watching matches live, but due to the timezone difference between India and other countries around the world, many can’t watch it live.

Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can watch IPL cricket matches online or on your TV. This blog explains how.

The IPL cricket matches have started and people are excited to know when will the next match be held between their favorite teams and where they can watch the match. You can watch the IPL live on TV or online here.

IPL is a professional T20 cricket league which was initiated in 2008 by BCCI. It is held every year and continues for 2 months. The tournament starts with a double round-robin group stage, that takes place during April and May of every year. A few knockout matches are also introduced before the finals in mid-may which is known as ‘Playoffs’. The winner of the game will get a trophy, a prize money of 15 Crores, and players get 20% of that winning amount, while 10 crore rupees goes to the runner up team and players get 10% of it i.e 1 crore each player gets.

The IPL cricket season is upon us once again. And you will be wondering how you can watch it if you live outside India, or have moved abroad. The answer is simple; watch IPL cricket matches online.

In this article I will explain the various ways that you can access the IPL cricket matches on your PC, laptop or mobile device. If you don’t want to watch it online there are some other options that I will cover as well.

How to Watch IPL Cricket Online

The easiest way to watch IPL cricket is to use a VPN service. A VPN creates a secure encrypted tunnel between your computer and a server in another country, so that anything you do online appears to come from that country. This is great for watching IPL cricket because streaming services like Hotstar are only available within India.

Using a VPN means that even if you are not in India, or don’t have an Indian credit card to sign up with the streaming service, you can still watch the cricket matches as long as you use an Indian VPN server.

For the first time ever, IPL is being broadcast live in Europe this year. We are delighted to announce that IPL is being shown on ITV4 – Channel 120 on Sky, Virgin and Freeview.

The main games will be shown live each week as well as highlights of other matches in the league. The first live match is on Saturday 25th April at 12.30pm BST and will feature Royal Challengers Bangalore v Delhi Daredevils.

There’s also a weekly wrap up show which will be available online at from Monday 27th April at 12pm BST, featuring all the highlights from the latest round of matches along with interviews and features on the players and teams!

For the IPL 2017, Hotstar has announced that it will be showing the matches online for free. This will be a big deal for many fans who are unable to subscribe to TV channels that host the cricketing action.

Hotstar already has a number of live events on its service. The addition of the T-20 Indian Premier League is a big boost for the service and will make it one of the most popular live video streaming services in India.

The service will also be making feature films available for streaming on its platform. While this may not be completely legal, it is still impressive that Hotstar will be able to provide so much content for free to users in India.

The company is expected to make a lot of money from advertising as it starts to stream more live events and movies. The company has been working with companies such as Viacom18, Star India, Reliance Jio and others to get more content for its service.

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