How to Properly Kiss a Soccer Ball Before Shooting

1. Make sure your soccer ball is clean. This goes without saying, but you’ll want to make sure that you have a clean soccer ball when you’re kissing it.

2. Get into position to take the shot. This should be in the center of the goal with no defenders in front of you.

3. Make contact with the ball with your head and neck muscles, not your face. If you use your face, then you may end up hurting yourself or missing the goal altogether by kissing it too hard or too soft.

4. Strike the ball with your forehead, not your nose or chin, for best results. While it’s unlikely that you’ll hit yourself in the face if you hit it properly, if you use your nose or chin, then there is more of a chance that something could go wrong and that you could get hurt during this move.

5. Follow through after contact with the ball has been made to get it into the goalbox for a score!

This video will show you how to properly kiss a soccer ball before shooting!

This article will teach you how to properly kiss the soccer ball before shooting.


1. Place your body in a central position to the ball. When you are ready to shoot, place your body in a central position to the ball. In other words, stand in such a way that the ball is directly in front of you. This allows you to strike the ball with the middle of your foot.

2. Place your non-kicking foot next to the ball at a 90 degree angle. This is called the plant foot and will help you guide the ball into the goal.

3. If using your right leg, use your left as a guide as well as a stabilizer. The right foot should be placed on top of and slightly behind the left (or vice versa). The left foot should be placed parallel to and slightly behind the right (or vice versa).

4. Bend your knees slightly before striking it with power and accuracy, making sure that you are not off balance when doing so, or else you will lose control of where it goes!

5. Keep your eyes on target until after contact with the ball is made, so that way you can make sure that it goes where it needs to go!

Before you get ready to take that shot, there’s one thing that all soccer players should know. The way you kiss the ball before shooting can greatly affect the flight of the ball.

1. For right-footed kicks, place your right foot next to the ball with your toes on the ground. Place your left foot at a 45 degree angle behind the ball and point it toward your target.

2. Place your striking foot (right foot) about a foot from the ball, with your toes pointed toward the ground and parallel to the direction of where you are aiming in relation to where you are standing in front of the ball.

3. Push off with your left foot and step forward with your striking foot (right foot).

4. At this point, bend over slightly and touch your left hip to the right inside of the ball (the part of the soccer ball closest to your left leg).

5. Follow through by swinging your kicking leg (right leg) up and across, while keeping your knee straight, almost like a gate swinging open towards its hinges after being unlocked.

The best way to kiss a soccer ball before shooting is by starting out in the ready position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, get into your shooting form and lean back, making sure to keep your eyes on the ball. When you’re ready, bend your knees and jump up, letting your right foot push off the ground and strike the middle of the ball with your laces. Keep reading for more tips from our reviewer, including how to master a left-footed shot!

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Method 1

Kissing the Ball with Your Right Foot


Get into position with your feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your weight centered over your toes, as if you were standing on a balance beam. Your dominant foot should be in front of the other one, at about a 45 degree angle.[1]


Get into a shooting stance by leaning back slightly. This will help you pull back muscles that are not normally used in everyday life.[2]

Keep your eyes on the ball throughout this process; that way you can see where you need to strike it.[3] If you’re right-footed, and are using the outside of your foot to shoot, try putting your left foot forward at a 90

There are many different ways to take a shot in soccer. There are many different ways to kiss the ball before taking a shot. Some of these shots include:

The Left-Footed Bending Shot

The Right-Footed Bending Shot

The Outside of the Foot Shot

The Left-Footed Chip Shot

The Right-Footed Chip Shot

The Inside of the Foot Shot

Most players prefer to use the inside or outside of their foot when taking a bending shot. Most players like using the side of their foot when taking a chip shot. Some players are capable of doing both types of shots with either foot. These players are considered “lovely” and “talented.” However, some players prefer one type over another, which is perfectly normal and acceptable. People can be weird I guess? For example, I am an outside of the foot shooter, but a left-footer when it comes to chip shots. And no, it’s not because my right foot is injured or anything! It’s just because that’s how I was born! Weird? Maybe! But also… perfect? Yes!

If you have chosen your method for shooting, then you may begin kissing the ball. To successfully kiss the ball, you must first lean in

Soccer is a game that requires you to use your feet to control the ball and put it in the back of the net. It also requires you to be able to pass, head, chest and kick a soccer ball. Many people do not know how to properly kick a soccer ball, but with these simple steps you can be a pro in no time.

Kissing the soccer ball is an art form, some may say. You want to make sure that when you strike it, the ball goes exactly where you want it to go. To start off kissing a soccer ball, place your dominant foot on top of the soccer ball in line with where you want the ball to go. Then push down slightly on the top of the ball with your foot and lift your non-dominant foot up over the top of it and strike through it with your big toe as hard as you can. This will cause a knuckling effect on the ball and make it move to where ever you aimed at.

A good way to practice this is by going into an open field or even just kicking around in your backyard. Grab yourself a cone or even something like an old water bottle and place it either on top of or next to the soccer ball. Then follow these steps mentioned

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the ball should be kissed and not bitten. If you bite the soccer ball it may explode (yes, soccer balls do explode) and you will be asked to leave the field.

With that said, I think we’re ready to move on.

The first thing to remember is to aim for the center of the ball. As long as you get it close enough, your kiss will have a good chance at working.

Next, make sure you open your mouth slightly wider than normal. Because the ball is going to be bouncing back and forth between your lips, you want them to be as flexible as possible. So take a deep breath and relax.

Another key tip is to keep your eyes open and try not to blink as much as possible. I would suggest practicing this technique with a tennis ball before moving onto a soccer ball. On a side note, if you are unable to find a tennis ball, an orange or grapefruit will work just about as well.

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