How Fantasy Football Leagues are Named

Fantasy football is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world. My goal is to explain how fantasy football leagues are named. I hope you find this information useful and entertaining.

One of the first things that you need to do when joining a fantasy football league is select a team name. This is a very important decision since your team name can either make or break your season.

The most common way to get an idea for a team name is to use the players’ names on your fantasy roster. For example, if you have Brett Favre as your quarterback and Larry Johnson as your running back, then you can call your team ‘Favre Johnson’. This works especially well if you have two good players that have the same last name. If you have Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne on your roster, then you could call your team ‘Manning Wayne’. The key to using this technique is to make sure that you only use players with similar skill levels because otherwise it will be obvious who the best player is on your roster.

Of course, there are many other ways to come up with a good team name including using pop culture references and alliteration techniques.’

The most popular fantasy football league names are usually inside jokes between the friends participating. This can make it difficult for a new owner to change the name of their league. Changing the league name has its advantages and pitfalls, but if you can get the other owners on board to change the name, it can be a lot of fun. The following is a list of different ways to change your fantasy football league name.

One of the most effective ways to change your fantasy football league’s name is to create a poll of prospective names. While this can be very time consuming, asking everyone in the league for their opinion will keep them more engaged in the league, as they’ll feel like they had a say in changing the name.

Another way to find out what your league wants to call itself is through a vote. Just have everyone in the league submit their ideas and then have everyone vote on which one they like best. This works especially well if you have a smaller league and don’t want to deal with organizing a lot of different polls and votes. This method is also quick and easy, making it good for leagues that are already busy with other things.

The last way to change your fantasy football league’s name is by just deciding on something yourself! You’ve already got enough

In the summer of 1963, two New Yorkers named Bill Winkenbach and Bill Tunnell formed a league and called it the Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League. The acronym G.O.P.P.L. is still used by some fantasy leagues today.

Winkenbach was an executive with the Oakland Raiders, and Tunnell was an assistant coach for the team at that time. Both were avid fans of fantasy football, but unfortunately their regular seasons would not start until well after the pro football season had begun, so they created their own league to engage in statistical analysis and predictions of pro football games before the season began.

These two men are considered to be the founding fathers of fantasy football, but that title could just as easily go to another man who was involved in this early version of fantasy football: George Blanda.

For those of you who don’t know what fantasy football is, it’s a game in which you are the owner and general manager of your own team. Each player has their own value and it’s up to you to draft players you think will perform well during the season. Then each week you set your lineup and hope your players perform better than your opponent’s players. It adds another level of excitement to watching NFL games, especially when there are so many games on at once!

For example, in my league this weekend I had Denver playing against Houston. During the game Denver was getting slaughtered by Houston. Needless to say I was rooting for Houston because if they won then I would win that game. But perhaps even more important is the fact that Peyton Manning is on my fantasy team, so if he scores a touchdown then I get points as well!

When we play fantasy football, or any other fantasy sport for that matter (baseball, basketball, hockey), we always join a league with our friends. And since leagues always have names like “Dennis’ League” or “The Fantasy Football League”, we figured we’d come up with some really creative names for our leagues.

We’ve compiled a list of some great ideas below:

– The Big Balls League

Ten years ago I was wasting my life in the office. It was a fantasy football league. I had been invited to join by a co-worker, and I thought it would be fun to do something on Monday nights besides sleep. What do you need to know about fantasy football? The basic idea is that you pick players from the NFL and compete with other people in your league.

At some point during this first season, it occurred to me that we needed a name for our league. There had already been a draft, and we already had a commissioner, and teams were already playing each other, but there was still no name for our league. “We need a name,” I said to my co-worker one day.

“How about the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?” he suggested.

“No,” I said. “We’re not gentlemen.”

I spent the next hour or so trolling through my CD collection trying to find a song lyric that would work as the basis for our name when I came across “Monday Night Football” from They Might Be Giants’ Lincoln album. That’s it! I thought. We’ll be the Monday Night Football League! Then I began brainstorming possible names:

Monday Night Football (too obvious)

Monday Night

The first one was called the ‘Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League’, a name that took far too long to say and resulted in the acronym GOPPPL. The second was named after a bar called ‘The King’s X’ where the league would hold its draftee selection meetings. The third and fourth leagues were named after their respective founding members: the ‘Kenny’ league, and the ‘Grizzles’ league.

All of these names were incredibly long and cumbersome, so the fifth league decided to try something different. They decided to give their league a short, snappy name that would have broad appeal to a wide range of people.

That’s why they named it the ‘National Football League’.

In 1963 a group of people in a New York City hotel made history by drafting the first official fantasy football league.

The caveat of official is used because their are varying reports as to who actually came up with the idea. According to an article written on, fantasy football was born in Oakland, California when Wilfred “Bill the Gill” Winkenbach, along with Bill Tunnel and Scotty Stirling created the GOPPPL (Greater Oakland Professional Pigskin Prognosticators League) and drafted its players in the basement of Winkenbach’s home.

While this might seem like a simple story about how fantasy football began, there’s a lot more to it than that. In fact, there are stories about how fantasy football got started in other cities besides Oakland. One story even mentions how fantasy sports (not just football) were created by two guys in a New York City hotel room.

Whichever story is true doesn’t change the outcome; both lead back to the same place: The birth of fantasy football. That notion alone is enough for us to celebrate this day as Fantasy Football Day.

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