For Fantasy Football Newbs, These Are the Best Tips For Winning Your League

For Fantasy Football Newbs, These Are the Best Tips For Winning Your League

Welcome to fantasy football. You’re in a league of your friends and family, but how do you win? Follow these tips and advice to make sure you’re playing smart!

Football is one of the most popular sports on television. Because of this, the sport has gained many fans. One of these fans’ favorite things to do is play fantasy football. So, how can you win your league and defeat your opponents? Here are some tips for winning at fantasy football:

The first thing you need to do is research all of the players on your roster. You should also look at their stats from last year to see if they have improved or declined from previous seasons. This will allow you to get an idea of which players are likely going to perform well this year and which ones may struggle.

Knowledge is key when it comes to winning any type of game, especially fantasy football. By doing some research on each player’s performance throughout the season, it will help you make better decisions about whom should play and when during each week’s matchup against another team in your league. Once you have done this research, now it’s time to pick players that are most valuable!


Have you ever felt like the entire world is playing Fantasy Football and you’re missing out? Do you feel like everyone else but you knows exactly what’s going on? Never fear! If you’re a Fantasy Football newb, these tips will get you up to speed in no time.

1. To start, the first thing you need to do is find a league that’s right for your level of experience. Don’t be intimidated by the hundreds of leagues out there, many of which are filled with elite players. There are plenty of leagues where no one really knows what they’re doing and therefore, your chances of winning are much higher!

2. Second, it’s important to understand that each week your roster will be up against another roster in your league. Each player on your roster will score points based on their performance in real life on the field. Your team’s weekly score will be the sum of all of the individual player scores and this score will be added up over the course of the season to determine your final rank in the league.

3. The key to winning is picking players who are “sleeper” picks, or picks that other people don’t expect to perform well but really shine come game time! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise — this

Look, we get it. You’re a Fantasy Football newbie. You’re here because you’re looking for some free advice to help you win your league. Well, hey, that’s what we do! And we’re not just saying that to sound cool: We won the 2016 Fantasy Sports Writers Association award for Best Fantasy Football Series. We won it again in 2017.

We don’t like to brag about our accomplishments, but when it comes to giving advice for winning at fantasy football, we can proudly say that we are among the best in the business. In fact, there’s no one in the business better than our own Matthew Berry. He is The Talented Mr. Roto and he has been helping people win their fantasy leagues as long as anyone in this industry. Yes, he’s a bit quirky and his advice is not always politically correct, but he gets results and if you want results, then listen up when Berry speaks (and writes).

If you want more tips and advice on winning at Fantasy Football this season, check out all of our great stuff below.

As the NFL season gets underway, we’re all scrambling to get our teams together. If you haven’t already drafted (or auto-drafted) yours, there’s a few things you should know about the game.

Fantasy Football Newb? This Is What You Need To Know

1. The draft is going to be one of the most important aspects of your season

You need to make sure that you are drafting a team that can survive injuries and bye weeks. Don’t go too heavy in one position and not enough in another. I’ve seen it happen before and it’s not pretty. Make sure your bench is stocked with players that can start and produce if needed.

2. Your starters should be a mix of safe high floor players with some upside

A lot of people will just draft stars without thinking about how they actually play the game (or how their team plays). For instance, there are some super stars who are TD dependent and rely on big plays for their fantasy points (see: DeSean Jackson, Mike Wallace). These players can hurt you more than help because they can have weeks where they get shut out or only put up a few points. You want some players like this on your team but not all of them.


We’ve all seen the stats: the average person gains 5-10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day. If you’ve ever played fantasy football, you know how that feels. The difference is that with fantasy football, you get to do something about it.

It’s been a long season, but there are still a few games left to be won on the field, and we’re here to help you win them in your league(s). So let’s get to it.

1 . Make sure you have a starting lineup. The best way not to lose is to not forfeit your games.

2 . Draft running backs early if possible. This is a pretty basic tip for most fantasy players, but sometimes it bears repeating: Running backs are more consistent than wide receivers and tight ends, so when in doubt go RB-RB-RB (or WR-WR-RB) in the first three rounds if possible.

3 . Check out our Week 16 rankings . We rank every player in every game this week, from Tom Brady on down to your kickers. Consider it your secret weapon heading into the playoffs.

4 . Start your studs . If you’re lucky enough to have Rob Gronkowski or Julio Jones on your roster – or any other top

The first step to winning your fantasy football league is to make sure you have a good draft. Below are some tips and tricks to help you draft the perfect team to win your league.

1. Have a list of players that you want for each position.

2. Pick a quarterback that is consistent.

3. Draft a running back at the top of the draft.

4. Draft two wide receivers in the first three rounds of the draft.

5. Draft one tight end and one defense in the first five rounds of the draft, if not sooner.

6. Draft a kicker last since they are all about equal in stats, so take them at any time during the draft.

Conventional wisdom in fantasy football is usually wrong.

Most of the time, when you are trying to decide who to start in fantasy football, the answer is obvious. You start your studs, and you sit your scrubs. But those decisions are fairly easy. The hard choices come when the difference in expected production between two players is small, but you have to make a decision about which one of them to put into your starting lineup for the week. That’s where conventional wisdom comes into play, and it’s often wrong.

Let’s take a look at some of the more common conventional wisdom statements and then I’ll tell you why they’re wrong.

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