Fantasy Football NFL Standings

Fantasy Football NFL Standings. The NFL Standings are updated each week. View the division standings, conference standings, home records, and road records throughout the season.

The NFL Standings are separated into three divisions: AFC East, AFC North, AFC South, AFC West, NFC East, NFC North, NFC South, NFC West. The NFL Standings are updated each week and provide a look at each team’s record on the season.

Each of the NFL Standings is broken down by division in order to provide a detailed look at how each team stacks up against their division rivals. Check out the current NFL Standings below to see how your favorite team stacks up against its division rivals!

Standings are updated each Tuesday.

AFC East


New England Patriots 11 9 2 0 .818 345 245 4-0 7-2 W6 3-0

Miami Dolphins 11 8 3 0 .727 301 272 2-2 6-3 W1 2-1

Buffalo Bills 11 6 5 0 .545 291 234 2-2 4-4 L4 1-2

New York Jets 11 4 7 0 .364 265 300 1-3 3-5 L3 1-2

AFC North


Pittsburgh Steelers 10 8 2 0 .800 289 225 3-1 6-1 W1 2-1

Baltimore Ravens 10 7 3 0 .700 263 203 3-1 5-2 W2 3-0

Cincinnati Bengals 10 4 6 0 .400 242 238 2-2 3-5 L3 1-2

Cleveland Browns 10 0 10 0 .000 175 303 0-4 0-7 L10 0-3

AFC South


Before we jump into the Week 6 edition of the NFL Standings, let’s take a peek at the upcoming schedule.

Bye weeks: Detroit,New Orleans

Thursday, Oct. 11

8:20 p.m.: Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots (Fox,NFL Network)

Sunday, Oct. 14

1 p.m.: Baltimore Ravens at Tennessee Titans (CBS)

1 p.m.: Chicago Bears at Miami Dolphins (Fox)

1 p.m.: Cleveland Browns at Los Angeles Chargers (CBS)

1 p.m.: Dallas Cowboys at Jacksonville Jaguars (Fox)

1 p.m.: Green Bay Packers at Detroit Lions (Fox)

1 p.m.: New York Jets at Indianapolis Colts (CBS)

1 p.m.: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals (CBS)

4:05 p.m.: Atlanta Falcons vs. Arizona Cardinals in London (Fox)

4:25 p.m.: Houston Texans at Kansas City Chiefs (CBS)

4:25 p.m.: Philadelphia Eagles at Minnesota Vikings (Fox)

4:25 p.m.: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Atlanta Falcons (Fox)

8:20 p.m.: Washington Redskins at New York Giants (NBC)

Welcome to Week 6 of the NFL season. The season’s halfway point is approaching, and yet we’re still waiting for a handful of teams to find their way in the standings, in fantasy, and on the field. The Falcons are 2-3 but don’t look terrible. The Jets are 2-2 but don’t look good. The Jets’ 2-2 record isn’t much better than the 49ers’ 1-4 mark, but San Francisco looks like one of the worst teams in the league right now.

In fantasy football, we have a clear No. 1 defense: Seattle. We also have a clear worst defense: Cleveland. If you have either of those defenses on your roster, get ready for some big numbers over the next few weeks.

The running back position has become a bit more muddled of late — no one player has separated from the pack — but Eddie Lacy has regained his rookie form in recent weeks, and he’s now averaging 91 yards per game this year; only Marshawn Lynch (119) is averaging more among running backs this season. DeMarco Murray is third at 87 yards per game, and he’s been dominant when healthy this year; he just can’t stay healthy.

Through five weeks of the 2014 NFL

Week 1 of the NFL season is in the books, and that means one thing: It’s time to take a look back at how things shook out in Week 1 of Fantasy Football. Every Tuesday during the season, we’ll be recapping the week that was in Fantasy Football.

We’ll take a look at what went right for the teams on top, what went wrong for the teams on bottom and everything in between. We’ll also give you some advice for what you should do if you have one of those teams on your league.

So let’s get to it. Here are some thoughts on every team that finished with 90 or more points in Week 1.

So much time, so little to do. Wait a minute. Strike that. Reverse it. Thank you. — Willy Wonka

It’s the last week before the bye weeks begin for most teams, but for a select few, it means one more week of fantasy football before getting back to reality. The Detroit Lions and Dallas Cowboys are on bye in Week 5, which means no Le’Veon Bell or Ezekiel Elliott in at least one league I’m in (and my roster is full of them).

But for most of us, there’s still plenty of work to do if we want to win our leagues this year. I went through and made waiver wire moves on Sunday, so I’ve got a fresh batch of players at my disposal this week, and hopefully you do too. Let’s get to where I see the smart moves being made in Week 5.

The NFL season is a long and winding road, and after four games we know little more than we did in August except that the Patriots are still good.

But it’s not too early to make some bold predictions about how the standings will look at the end of the season, which we do for your entertainment every week. Remember: Bold means “unlikely to happen, but not impossible.”

AFC East

1. Patriots (4-0)

2. Jets (1-3)

3. Bills (2-2)

4. Dolphins (1-2)

Analysis: The Patriots can’t keep winning this way, right? Right??? Eventually they have to start playing like one of the best teams in the NFL, right? RIGHT???

AFC North

1. Steelers (3-1)

2. Ravens (2-2)

3. Bengals (1-3)

4. Browns (0-4)

Analysis: The Steelers have looked impressive through four weeks, but they haven’t really beaten anyone yet. Their defense is going to be a problem all year long, and while they’ve done well running the ball, they’re going to have trouble scoring points against better opponents. The Ravens are currently leading the

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