Expect Ferrari To Finish Second In The Constructors’ Championship

I have no idea whether they’ll be able to make up the gap in car performance over the next couple of years, but I’d expect them to finish second in the constructors’ championship this year.

In addition, Ferrari’s engine is a much better fit for the Red Bull chassis than Renault’s. The RB11 has had a great deal of trouble getting the Renault engine turned up to full power without the rear tires spinning and heating up, which then degrades their performance. But Ferrari’s engine has a more powerful turbocharger and is less dependent on rear tire grip for traction. This should help minimize the single biggest weakness of the RB11’s design.

It also looks like Red Bull has made some improvements with their chassis and will continue doing so during the season – they’ve already been testing mid-season upgrades such as a new front wing, a new floor and new suspension elements. This is something that Ferrari hasn’t done since they started development on their 2015 challenger very early due to their lack of success last season. As a result, they’ve been running with pretty much the same car since it was introduced at Jerez in January while Red Bull have steadily improved theirs since Melbourne.

It goes without saying that Ferrari will be pushing hard to improve their car

We’re now at the halfway point of the season and it seems like a good time to take stock. After all, at this stage of the season we can already say with confidence that Ferrari will finish second in the constructors’ championship.

I know, I know; that’s not how sport works. There are still races to be run and points to be won, but bear with me on this one because I’m very confident in this prediction.

So, why am I so certain of Ferrari’s second place position? Well, its because of their previous form at this stage of the season.

If you look back over recent years you’ll see that Ferrari have been second at this exact same point in the season every year since 2013. They were even second after 10 races in 2011 and 2012 as well!

And if that wasn’t enough for you then let’s throw some more stats your way; Ferrari have been in second place after 10 races EVERY SINGLE YEAR since the current points system was introduced in 2010!

I mean, how could they possibly finish anywhere else?

Ferrari are going to finish second in the Constructors’ Championship.

This is a bold statement, I know, but I think it’s fair to say that their current form leaves them with little hope of repeating the success of 2000 and 2001. The team has been in decline for the past two years and performance has continued to fall away this season — see the sidebar on page xx for detailed analysis.

It’s important to remember that Ferrari have not finished second in the Constructors’ Championship since 1993. In fact, despite winning three out of four races, they only finished third last year as Williams and McLaren both beat them to second spot.

Ferrari have failed to improve upon their position from last year; if anything they have gone backwards. It’s not just because they have fewer points than at this stage of last season: it’s also because they are no longer capable of winning races consistently like they did then.”

Ferrari have had a disappointing start to the f1 season, with just one podium finish in the first four races.

The team has been suffering from technical troubles and bad luck, but the good news is that they are still in the title hunt and can make up for lost ground in the next few races.

Ferrari’s strategy is simple: focus on getting points early on so that they don’t have to worry about other teams later in the season. The problem with this approach is that if they start out behind then it will be difficult for them to catch up later on.

The team needs to improve their reliability and get more points from each race if they want any chance at all of winning this year’s championship.”

Last Sunday in Bahrain, Ferrari took advantage of the Mercedes’ reliability woes to score their first 1-2 finish since the 2010 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The result was a welcome change after a season that started with mixed feelings, and it got even better when Lotus driver Kimi Raikkonen had to retire due to a technical problem on his car.

The result was a huge boost for the team as they are now second in the constructors’ championship, with Red Bull and Lotus just behind them. Although this may not be enough to win the title, it’s still an impressive performance given that last year Ferrari finished fifth in the standings.

The end of the 2015 Formula 1 season is near and one question remains to be answered: Will Ferrari beat Mercedes in the constructors’ championship?

The odds are definitely against Ferrari. The Italian team trails Mercedes by 67 points with only 75 left to play for. It’s mathematically possible for them to close the gap but it would take a miracle. And if you know anything about F1, you know that miracles are rare.

Here’s a quick look at recent history as well as the final races of this year and what they could mean for Ferrari’s chances of catching Mercedes.

Can Ferrari catch Mercedes?

A lot has been made of Ferrari’s poor showing in the Australian Grand Prix. One particularly silly article went as far as to claim that “Ferrari is not only off the pace, but cannot even compete at the front of the mid-field”, citing their fifth place finish in Melbourne.

Except that Ferrari finished third and fourth in Australia. They were beaten by Mercedes and Red Bull. No one else.

If we look at how close Red Bull were to beating Ferrari in Melbourne, we can see that Ferrari didn’t beat themselves: their lack of pace was due to Red Bull being faster than them, not because they made mistakes.

We’ve seen this story before…

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