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Casey will be heading to the plate to try and get the Mudville nine on the board early! Let’s hope he can make some solid contact and get things going for his team.

But this isn’t like any other at-bat we’ve seen from Casey. It’s already been a rough season for him and now he has to face Mudville’s archrival, Big Town.

Phil Nevin, Big Town’s pitcher, is a crafty veteran that doesn’t make many mistakes. Can Casey keep his cool and drive in a big run for the Mudville nine?

The Yankees took on the Red Sox in Boston last night, hoping to build on their lead in the AL East. But after a strong start from CC Sabathia, things quickly fell apart for New York.

Sabathia pitched seven strong innings and struck out six, giving up just one run on four hits. But his effort was wasted as the Yankees failed to get anything going against Boston starter John Lackey.

New York managed just three hits all night. Two of them came from Alex Rodgriguez, who drove home Curtis Granderson with a double in the first inning to give the Bombers a 1-0 lead. Granderson had singled earlier in the inning off Lackey and stolen second base before scoring on A-Rod’s hit to left field.

The Yankees’ other hit was a single by Derek Jeter in the seventh inning. They didn’t get another baserunner until Mark Teixeira drew a walk off Boston reliever Daniel Bard in the ninth inning with two outs. But that was as far as he got as Lance Berkman flew out to left field to end the game and strand Teixeira on first base.

Bard picked up his second save of the season for Boston, shutting

The New York Mets did not start out well this year. After a few games they were already in last place in their division. The players and coaches knew that they had to work harder and start playing better if they wanted to win some games.

In the first half of the season, the Mets got worse. They lost many games in a row, and the fans were very upset. A few of the best players were injured and could not play for a while. The other team’s fans made fun of them. Then the Mets started winning again. They won more games than they lost, and they moved up in the rankings in their division. Everyone was happy again, but some people thought that the Mets still might not make it to the playoffs this year. The team tried hard to keep improving, but at the end of last week they lost three games in a row again. It looked like maybe they would not make it to playoffs after all.

But on Sunday afternoon, something amazing happened: The Mets won! And with their win, they qualified for playoffs for the first time since 2006! Everyone is excited about their upcoming playoff game against San Francisco on Wednesday night because both teams are very good at baseball. There are still questions about how well the Mets will

I recently began following the story of a baseball player named Casey. Casey is an ordinary guy – not too good, not too bad. He’s been playing in the minor leagues for a while now and some people are starting to wonder if he’ll ever make it.

Last night was Casey’s big chance. His team was winning by a few runs, so it looked like he would be called up to bat any moment. Unfortunately for Casey, his team ended up losing by one run, so he didn’t get a chance to show what he could do.

I’m sure all of you are wondering how Casey will respond to this disappointment. Will he try harder? Or will his confidence be crushed? I guess we’ll find out next week.

The game was over and the stands were empty, but Casey was still out there. The sun had set and the moon was rising, but Casey was still out there. The boy gripped his bat and swung hard in the darkness.

“It’s a beautiful night,” said the umpire.

“I know,” said Casey. “That’s why they play the game at night.”

Casey felt as if he had been swinging that bat all his life, which of course he had. Two hours earlier he had been a star, a hero; now he was a bum. As far as anyone knew, he was still out there, swinging for that last strike, trying to make it back to first base before the ball did.

But what if he missed? What if he struck out?

Casey had eaten breakfast with three hits inside his belt. He’d eat supper with four more, including two doubles and a triple. But if you asked him for a single line about his afternoon at the park, it would have to be: “I struck out.”

The Yankees won the game yesterday, beating the Red Sox 5-0. The Yankees scored three runs in the bottom of the sixth inning to break a scoreless tie. The first run was scored by second baseman Derek Jeter, who hit a solo home run to left field. Jeter’s homer was his third of this season and his eighteenth career homer in the month of June.

The next batter for the Yankees was right fielder Reggie Jackson, who batted in two more runs with a double to right field. Jackson’s hit gave him the team lead in RBIs with twenty-seven on the season.

The Yankees extended their lead in the bottom of the eighth inning when designated hitter Paul O’Neill hit a two-run homer to left field, making it 5-0.

Phillies: 6

Mariners: 4

The Phillies started out strong, taking an early lead of 2-0 after the first inning. The Mariners fought back to take a 3-2 lead in the 5th, but the Phillies came back again and ended up winning 6-4.

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