Could The Next Season Of “Hard Knocks” Be About The Jersey Shore

Could The Next Season Of “Hard Knocks” Be About The Jersey Shore?

By Joe Caporoso

Jun 10, 2010, 9:30am EDT

Heard that HBO has begun preliminary discussions about doing a Hard Knocks series based around the Jets in 2011. Nothing is imminent, but something to keep an eye on.

I imagine there will be quite a bit of trepidation from the Jets organization, considering how they were portrayed on the show in 2010. The decision on whether or not to do it would be up to Rex Ryan and owner Woody Johnson.

If you recall, HBO was highly critical of Eric Mangini’s regime in 2008 and did a soft job portraying the team in 2007. They simply want access and will portray the team however they see fit.

It’s a question that NFL fans have been asking for years. Could The Next Season Of “Hard Knocks” Be About The Jersey Shore?

It’s no secret that Hard Knocks is one of the most popular shows on television, and it goes without saying that a show about the Jersey Shore would be an instant hit. As you can imagine, both HBO and the NFL have been approached by countless entities to produce such a show, but there has always been one major obstacle standing in their way: the NFL is not allowed to film in New Jersey.

Or so they thought.

According to sources close to HBO, they have received special permission from the NFL to film the next season of Hard Knocks at the Jersey Shore. This wouldn’t be the first time HBO has gone outside of their comfort zone to produce Hard Knocks on location; last year’s season was filmed at American Idol and featured appearances by Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell. The show was such a success that HBO is rumored to have already signed a deal with FOX to produce another season at their studios in Hollywood.

The New York Jets were the subject of last year’s HBO Hard Knocks and that turned out to be a great decision by both parties. The Jets had the most compelling team on that show since it started in 2001 and it was one of the reasons why they were able to sell out their personal seat licenses for their new stadium in record time during the worst economy in history.

There has been much speculation about who would be featured in this year’s show, but it looks like HBO is going to break from tradition and choose a non-playoff team.

That’s right! It’s being reported that this year’s series will be about a certain NFL team that plays its home games on the Jersey Shore.

The rumor that a Hard Knocks show is in the works has been around for weeks. There are no actual details on how it would work, but the NFL Films crew is rumored to be working on this project.

The new show is said to be about an NFL team and the players who play for that team. The rumors say there will be interviews, team meetings and locker room footage of all players in the league.

The most interesting thing about the rumors is they say that there will be a Hard Knocks series with a female coach. If true, it would be historic because no woman has ever coached an NFL team before.

The other big question is what kind of show would this be? Would it just be like all of the other shows on TV where they just show clips from games and maybe some interviews? I don’t think so. I think something unique could come out of it. It could also help with the ratings since many people are not watching games anymore due to all of the violence and controversy surrounding football today.

Since 2001, a television show called Hard Knocks has been aired on HBO. It’s a documentary program that gives viewers an inside look at training camp of an NFL team.

The series has had some great episodes and some terrible ones. The most memorable was the season with Rex Ryan and the New York Jets back in 2010. That was the year the Jets reached their peak as a franchise (well, until this past season).

The show is supposed to be a behind-the-scenes look at an NFL team. But what if it became something more? What if it became a reality series? The answer: It would be awesome!

Here are ten reasons why Hard Knocks should be turned into a reality show.

The New York Jets could be a good fit for the show, but it’s so hard to predict the NFL. The team is a mess with an aging quarterback and has just lost two of its best players. But if you can get past that, think about how awesome this would be?

We all thought the Jets were done after they lost Darrelle Revis and Santonio Holmes in back-to-back weeks. But I have a feeling that Rex Ryan will be able to rally them together in time for the season. And if he does, it would be cool to see the process that goes into getting everyone on the same page again.

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