5 Reasons Why Fantasy Football is Ruining Our Society

This article is a guest post by John Doe.

Fantasy Football has become an explosion of popularity over the last 10 years. People from all over the country are joining their own fantasy football leagues and spending countless hours pouring over stats and news from around the NFL.

What was once a fun way to pass the time has now become an obsession for many people and it is ruining our society. Here are 5 reasons why fantasy football is ruining our society:

1. People are too busy drafting their teams and setting their lineups to do any actual work.

2. Fantasy Football is putting a strain on relationships because people are spending so much time managing their teams that they don’t have enough time for their significant others.

3. Fantasy Football is making people dumber because they only focus on stats and not on the game itself.

4. It makes you root for players on another team that you would never normally root for if they weren’t on your fantasy team, which makes you lose your loyalty to your favorite team and makes fans less passionate about sports in general.

5. Fantasy Football causes us to be obsessed with winning, getting every edge possible, and beating our friends at every opportunity, which has carried over into other parts of our lives such as work and

Ok, so this blog is obviously not a fantasy football blog. However, with the 2014 season starting in just over two weeks, I think it’s important to share some knowledge on how fantasy football is ruining our society.

Reason 1: Fantasy football makes normal people care about sports again.

Most guys lose their passion for watching sports sometime around high school or college. It starts out as just not caring about watching games anymore and then slowly transforms into “the only time I watch sports is if my team is on TV”. Then comes fantasy football and now all of a sudden you’re thinking about sports 24/7 and watching every second of coverage. The only way to fix this problem is to play fantasy football for money. If you’re playing for money you can easily force yourself to stop caring about your teams by just losing your money every week. Once your money is gone, so is your passion for actually watching sports…too bad it also sucks away any remaining interest in your family as well.

Reason 2: Fantasy football makes people wake up early on Sundays.

The only thing worse than waking up early on a Sunday morning is waking up early with a headache from drinking too much the night before because you won

The Sunday morning ritual of watching my favorite NFL teams is a fond childhood memory. As an adult, I still long for the days when I had no cares in the world other than cheering my team to victory. These days, however, I find myself considerably less enthusiastic about football Sundays. Why? Because of fantasy football.

Fantasy football has grown from a fun little activity into a full-blown obsession that consumes the lives of many men (and some women). It’s ruining our society and costing employers billions of dollars each year. Here are five reasons why:

1) Fantasy Football is addictive

2) Drama! Drama! Drama!

3) It’s made men more competitive

4) It’s a breeding ground for gambling problems

5) It ruins relationships

If you’re a white-collar worker or a college student, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of fantasy football. From ESPN to the Wall Street Journal, fantasy football is everywhere. But what does it do? Does it actually increase the total amount of happiness in our society? Or does it just give more pleasure to a select few while causing more pain for everyone else?

We have asked ourselves this question again and again. And after many months of sleepless nights and hard work, we have concluded that fantasy football doesn’t increase total happiness–it decreases it.

To see why, let’s take a look at some statistics:

* 50% of all marriages end in divorce.

* 43% of those divorces are initiated by women.

* A majority (58%) of those women list their husband’s “obsession with fantasy football” as their primary reason for leaving.

As an avid fantasy football fanatic, I am often surprised by the negative response I get from friends and family when they find out about my hobby. It’s not surprising that some people don’t understand the game, but it is surprising how many people think that fantasy football is ruining our society.

If you love fantasy football as much as I do, then you’re probably tired of hearing people say “you’re wasting your time,” or “you need to get a life.” However, if those people actually sat down with you and learned about the game, they would realize how fun it can be. This article will cover five reasons why I believe fantasy football is improving our society.

1. Fantasy football helps teach math skills

2. Fantasy football can bring families closer together

3. Fantasy football teaches us about sports history

4. Fantasy football improves our knowledge of current events

5. Fantasy football can improve your social skills

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