5 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Serve

Every player has a different type of serve, but there are some common mistakes that everyone needs to be aware of. In this article we’ll go over 5 mistakes you’re making in your serve:

1. Tossing the ball too far forward

2. Taking too much time between points

3. Dropping your elbow

4. Lifting your head to early

5. Serving with no spin

If you want to improve your tennis serve, here are five mistakes that you may be making in your tennis serve.

1) Not Using Your Legs.

You need to use your legs to generate power for your serve. You can make sure that you are utilizing your legs correctly in your tennis serve by watching yourself in the mirror and making sure that you are jumping up when you hit the ball. Jumping ensures that you use your entire body in the serve and not just your arm.

2) Not Aligning Properly

When returning a serve, it is important that you are aligned properly so that you can return the ball in line with the direction of travel. If you are not aligned properly, then it is likely that you will hit the ball off center which will result in an inaccurate return. To ensure proper alignment, always position yourself so that you are facing directly at the ball at contact rather than off to one side or another.

3) Tossing Late or Too Far Forward

It is important to make sure your service tosses are consistent. If they vary from time to time, then it can have a negative effect on your ability to hit accurate serves. One way to ensure consistency is to practice tossing the balls underhand over a net until they

The best way to improve your serve is by learning from the mistakes of others. Here are the five biggest mistakes we see people make in their serves.


It’s important to learn how to serve the right way from the start. When you start off learning bad habits, it will be extremely difficult to fix them later. The best time to correct your serve is now before you learn more bad habits. Here are five common mistakes that beginners make when learning how to serve and how you can avoid them.

Not Bouncing the Ball Before Serving – This is probably one of the most common mistakes beginners make when learning how to serve. It’s very important that you bounce the ball before you hit it on the serve. If you try to hit the ball without bouncing it first, you’ll throw off your timing and will most likely miss or double-fault on your serve. Before hitting your first serve make sure that you bounce the ball at least once before tossing it into the air and hitting it over the net, if not twice or three times depending on what feels comfortable for you.

Not Using Your Legs – You should never only use your arm when serving in tennis. You should always use your legs as well. Using only your arm when serving puts too much pressure on it and doesn’t allow you to hit a more powerful shot because there isn’t enough power behind it. It

In a tennis game, the serve can either make or break your game. It is the foundation of your game so it is important to master this skill. If you don’t have a good serve, you won’t be able to set up your next shot and you will lose points faster than you can say “Ace.”

Every now and then, a professional tennis player will make the news for having a temper tantrum on the court. They’ll smash their racket, swear at the umpire or even yell at their coach. It’s easy to judge them for losing their cool, but if you play tennis regularly, you know that it’s not always easy to stay calm when a match isn’t going your way.

As a tennis coach, one of my jobs is to help students learn how to stay calm under pressure and keep their cool on the court. I’ve found that most people have a tendency to make five common mistakes when they get frustrated during a match. The good news is that these mistakes are easy to fix if you know what to look out for – and fixing them can be the key to improving your game.


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