2017 NBA Draft

The 2017 NBA Draft is going to be the most unpredictable draft in recent memory. With the amount of talent that is oozing from this draft, it will be exciting to see which teams take a chance on a player. The NBA Draft has always been about taking chances and there are plenty of players in this draft who could have a huge upside but also have a lot of risk as well.

This piece discusses some of the main players who will be drafted and provides scouting reports for each of them. It also discusses what team they should go to and why. I am a huge fan of basketball and statistics so I will be using stats along with my own scouting reports to discuss where I think these players should land.

The 2017 NBA Draft is set to be one of the most exciting drafts in recent memory. From the top of the draft all the way down, teams will have to make some very tough decisions on who they select. Here are a few mock draft predictions with a quick analysis on why each team should make those picks.

1.) Boston Celtics: Markelle Fultz, PG, Washington

Fultz is arguably the best player available and would fill a need for Boston at point guard. He is an exceptional scorer that can also play well without the ball. Fultz’s ability to create his own shot and make plays will be valuable alongside Isaiah Thomas and Gordon Hayward. The Celtics may not be done making moves this offseason, but if they keep this pick, he should be their guy.

2.) Los Angeles Lakers: Lonzo Ball, PG, UCLA

The Lakers need a point guard of the future and Ball could be that guy. A pass-first point guard with exceptional court vision and intangibles, Ball is a perfect fit for Los Angeles. His shooting ability has been questioned by many but he showed off his range in college and during workouts so he should be able to score at the next level as well. This pick makes too much sense not to

There is a lot of smoke around the 2017 NBA Draft, but there are also some clear signals. The Boston Celtics have the No. 1 pick, and all of the mock drafts that you will see will have them taking Markelle Fultz, who averaged 23 points and 6 assists per game this past season for Washington.

The Los Angeles Lakers are open to trading their No. 2 pick, but we’ll project that they keep it and take Lonzo Ball out of UCLA. Ball is a great playmaker with vision comparable to Jason Kidd’s in his prime. He also has a tremendous work ethic. His father, LaVar, will be a problem over time, but the Lakers are one of the few teams that can handle his presence in the locker room and with the media.

The Philadelphia 76ers will likely draft Josh Jackson from Kansas with the No. 3 overall pick. Jackson is an explosive athlete who can play either forward position on both ends of the floor, which fits in well with what they already have on their roster in Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid.

The Phoenix Suns will likely take De’Aaron Fox at No. 4 overall because he fills a positional need at point guard as well as being a tremendous athlete who can run their up-tem

The 2017 NBA Draft had an unusual amount of movement and projects to be one of the best drafts in recent memory. It’s also a draft with a number of players who are uniquely qualified for today’s NBA.

This year’s draft is unique because it has a number of players who can come in and contribute right away. The top two picks, Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball, are both point guards from the Pac-12 Conference and have the ability to run an offense at the highest level.

Fultz is a dynamic scorer who can do just about anything on the offensive side of the ball. He improved his scoring average by nearly 10 points per game from his freshman to sophomore seasons and upped his shooting percentage as well. His jumper needs some work, but his ability to create his own shot makes him special.

Ball is probably the better passer of the two, although Fultz is no slouch in that department either. Ball’s court vision is second to none and he can find teammates in any situation imaginable. He shot over 40 percent from three but only attempted 23 threes all season after taking 42 during his freshman season. The flip side is he turned the ball over over five times per game last season due to unforced errors in transition and

The NBA Draft is coming up soon, and there’s a lot of anticipation as to who will go where and why. Let’s go over some details, predictions and thoughts.

Marlon Humphrey: Alabama CB

Humphrey is the best cornerback in this year’s draft. He has the ability to be an immediate contributor for an NFL team. He excels in man coverage, press coverage and zone coverage. He may have issues with his hips at times and he may get beat deep a little too often, but that’s not enough to diminish his value to an NFL team. His combination of size, speed, strength, athleticism and intangibles make him one of the best cornerbacks in this year’s draft.

Top needs: QB, OLB

Draft picks: 1(1), 2(33), 2(34), 3(65)

Draft order: 1st round: 1st overall; 2nd round: 33rd overall; 2nd round: 34th overall (via Rams); 3rd round: 65th overall

The 2017 NBA Draft is finally here. At some point the Philadelphia 76ers will select Markelle Fultz with the first overall pick. The Los Angeles Lakers will follow suit by selecting Lonzo Ball at No. 2. The rest of the draft is a total crapshoot, as always.

The following is an attempt to break down where every prospect stands heading into Thursday night’s draft. This was done by consulting a number of different mock drafts and team needs, while factoring in each player’s potential, fit and overall draft stock.

The players are ranked based on how likely they are to be selected in the first round, beginning with those who should be locked in as lottery picks, followed by those who are more likely than not to hear their names called on June 22nd.

There are three general types of NBA players: those who can create their own shot, those who need others to set them up, and those who excel at ancillary skills (e.g., rebounding, defense). Because the first type is so difficult to find and so desirable in a league that has become increasingly dependent on isolation basketball, players who can create their own offense are generally drafted higher than their peers.

A common refrain among draft analysts is that a player needs to be able to do something really well in order to succeed in the NBA. This principle holds true for all three types of players: creators need to be able to create; shooters need to be able to shoot; defenders need to be able to defend. However, the best creators are generally those who can score off the dribble with any part of their game — pull-up jumpers, floaters, runners — because it’s harder for defenses to adapt when they don’t know what’s coming. And the best shooters are those who can hit contested shots off the dribble or off screens because uncontested jumpshots are easier and less valuable than contested ones.

The problem with being a creator or shooter is that they’re relatively easy skills to scout. You can watch someone play pickup basketball or

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