2017 MLB Playoffs Preview The Wild Card Games

It’s my favorite time of the year again: MLB playoff baseball! And this year will be filled with a mix of exciting first-timers and experienced contenders. Here are the four teams playing in the wild card games, and why you should watch them.

New York Yankees

The Yankees’ season has been weird. While they didn’t come close to winning their division, they still won more games than any other wildcard team. They also have a lineup that’s strong from top to bottom, including Aaron Judge (who led the league in home runs) and Gary Sanchez (who had 33 home runs himself). But there’s another reason why this is a team you don’t want to miss: they could be the end of an era.

Derek Jeter retired three years ago, but this could be the last season for a few more legends. David Ortiz retired last year, but this could be the end of Alex Rodriguez’s career (he has said he will retire after this season). It could also be Mark Teixeira’s final season; he hasn’t officially announced his retirement plans yet, but if he does not return next season it would not come as a surprise. And if Joe Girardi doesn’t return as manager next season (he hasn’t

The 2017 MLB playoffs start Tuesday with two Wild Card games, and you should watch them if you like baseball. There are four teams in the Wild Card round, and there will be at least one more game for each of them. It is impossible to say who will win those games, because that’s why they play them, but we can tell you about the teams that are playing.

There are four MLB divisions: East, North, South, and West. The winners of each division go straight to the playoffs. The two teams with the best records outside of these four winners get a second chance to make the playoffs, however. These teams play each other in a “Wild Card” game to decide who goes on to face one of the division winners in a series called “playoffs.”

You can see how this would be confusing if you’re new to sports. You might think it means any team could make the playoffs if they got wild enough. But you’d be wrong. It’s just baseball slang for an extra game that determines who gets extra games.

For this year’s Wild Card games, we have the Arizona Diamondbacks playing against the Colorado Rockies on Wednesday at 8pm ET on TBS, and then we have either the New York Yankees or Minnesota Twins

The 2017 MLB season is nearly over. The regular season will finish on Sunday, October 1. The playoffs begin the following Tuesday. This is the third year in a row that MLB has used the two-wild card format, which has created an extra playoff spot and an extra round of games. Let’s take a look at the teams that are fighting for that final spot, and what to watch for in those games.

The Wild Card Games will be played on Tuesday, October 3rd, pitting the Twins against the Yankees in New York and the Rockies against the Diamondbacks in Phoenix. Both games will be broadcast nationally on ESPN. In each game, the first team to score five runs wins. If they still haven’t scored five runs after nine innings, they play extra innings until one team scores five runs.

In addition to watching these teams play one game for their entire 2017 season, you could also watch to see history made: if either the Twins or Rockies win their game, it would be their first playoff series win since 2004 or 2007 respectively.

If you have even a passing interest in baseball, these Wild Card Games are worth watching!

Welcome back to the playoffs, folks. The Wild Card Games are upon us, with the Yankees and Twins kicking things off on Tuesday night in the Bronx. The NL Wild Card game will follow on Wednesday evening.

In this series, we’re going to preview each of the four teams playing in the Wild Card Games. Today’s edition focuses on those Yankees and Twins. Tomorrow we’ll run through the Diamondbacks and Rockies, who square off in Arizona on Wednesday evening.

New York Yankees (91-71) — 91 wins is nothing to sneeze at for a Yankees team that was expected to be rebuilding this year en route to something bigger down the road. While they did get great seasons from Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez and Luis Severino, it was a band of veterans who led New York to a surprising 91 wins. Brett Gardner batted .264/.350/.488 with 21 homers and stole career-high 23 bases thanks to a career-best 14 triples. He’s been on so many Yankee teams over the years that he’s kind of easy to take for granted, but he was really good this season.

The underrated Jacoby Ellsbury bounced back from two injury-plagued seasons by batting .264/.348/.402 with seven homers and

The Minnesota Twins are playing the New York Yankees in the Wild Card game.

The Twins have been a pleasant surprise this year. The Twins have taken advantage of an improved starting staff, and a solid lineup to get them to the playoffs.

The Yankees are always a team that can make some noise with their young talent on the rise. The Yankees have been getting better as the season has gone on and they have been playing superb baseball down the stretch.

Both of these teams have had great seasons and this wild card game will be exciting to watch. This is anyone’s game as both teams are evenly matched, but I think that it will come down to who wants it more.

2017 MLB Wild Card Preview

**New York Yankees at Minnesota Twins**

How they got here: The Twins were a surprising team this year, and even though they didn’t make it to their divisional series, they still made it to playoffs. They made many big trades throughout the season, but none bigger than trading for Jaime Garcia. They traded for him right before the deadline and thought he would be the missing piece, but he wasn’t. He was very inconsistent in his starts, leaving the Twins on the edge of their seats whether they would win or lose after one of his starts. The Twins also had a lot of surprises with their line-up. Miguel Sano and Brian Dozier both had 40+ homer seasons, and Byron Buxton had his breakout year with 16 homers and 30 stolen bases. The pitching staff was also a big surprise this year. Ervin Santana pitched an AL leading 6 complete games in the regular season, along with leading the AL in ERA (3.28), and WHIP (0.936). Jose Berrios also surprised everyone in his rookie year with 12 wins with only 7 losses in 25 starts.

The Yankees on the other hand were expected to make it here as most people predicted them to finish first in

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