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Hello. Before we get started, I want to make it clear that Sony’s 2016 Draft Kit (most recent version is 2.1.7) is a paid product. It’s not the same as last year’s Kit. This new one will cost you money, and I think it’s worth it if you play fantasy football. But before you buy it, you should know what you’re buying and why you should consider it. I’m going to tell you just that, but first let me tell you why I think it’s important that you know what I’m talking about here.

Pre-draft fantasy football kits are important products. They give players something to do in the minutes, hours, days and weeks leading up to their draft. And because players will spend a lot of time with these kits before making their picks, they want them to be as good as possible.

The problem is, every kit has its strengths and weaknesses, so there’s no universally “best” kit out there. That means in order to get the best kit for your particular situation and needs, you have to do some research and find out which one is right for you.

Sony has been selling pre-draft fantasy football kits for years now and each new one they’ve released has

The fantasy football season is right around the corner. Draft day is coming up quickly and you need to be prepared. The 2016 Draft Kit is here to help you get ready. This kit will give you everything that you need to know in order to have a successful draft.

The first thing that your draft kit should contain is information on all of the players that were drafted in the previous year. You should be able to see where they were drafted and how much money they made from their contracts. It can also give you information about how well each player performed during the season.

The second thing that your draft kit should provide is information about the top players at each position. This information can be very useful if you are planning on drafting one of these players for your team. For example, if you plan on drafting a running back, then it would be helpful to know what running backs are going to be available during the draft and which ones may go higher than their current ranking because of injuries or other issues that may affect their performance during the season.

If you are new to fantasy football or just want to brush up on your skills, you’re in the right place. Our draft kit has all of the tools, tips and research you need to dominate your league.

Our 2016 fantasy football draft kit includes:

2016 player rankings from ESPN’s top fantasy football rankers.

A printable cheat sheet with player recommendations for every position in standard-scoring and PPR leagues.

Mock drafts: Play along as our experts take turns drafting fantasy teams.

Positional tiers: Use these lists to spot sleepers and avoid busts.

Strategy pieces: Whether you play in a league with a traditional waiver wire or use a more innovative approach like FAB auction bidding, we’ve got strategies for you.

Fantasy Football Draft Kit – Player Rankings, Mock Drafts & More

Thanks for visiting our Draft Kit blog. Now let’s get to the important stuff. The Fantasy Football Draft Kit is your one-stop shop for all of our 2016 fantasy football content, including player outlooks, positional tiers, cheat sheets and more.

Are you a fantasy football guru? Show off your expertise with a fantasy football mock draft and create your own custom rankings on the ESPN Fantasy Football draft kit app.

We begin with a look at the players poised to take their game to new heights in 2016 (Insider) followed by some running backs who are worth drafting as backups (Insider). These three quarterbacks could make or break your team in 2016 (Insider), while these tight ends could be the perfect fit for your roster (Insider). Our experts rank the top 100 players overall, and tell you what they think of Rob Gronkowski’s injury situation.

There are many different types of leagues, so we’ll break down how you should approach each one. Whether it’s a standard league or an auction league, these strategies will help you come out on top. Finally, check out our best/worst picks from each round of your draft.

Welcome to the 2016 fantasy football season. We’re glad you joined us and we hope this post helps you prepare for the upcoming draft season. This year, we’ll have everything you need to be successful in your league. That includes player rankings, draft advice, and even a free draft kit.

The 2016 NFL season is almost upon us and in the world of fantasy football, that means draft season is here. The Rotoworld Draft Guide has arrived, featuring 600+ players, tiers, projections, mock drafts, exclusive columns and much more. It’s truly the ultimate resource to dominate your league.

The Draft Guide is packed with everything you need to prepare for your fantasy football drafts:

-In-depth profiles on 600+ players—including sleepers and busts—from a team of over 30 experts.

-Customizable projections from our award-winning stat gurus.

-Strategy columns from some of the sharpest minds in the business.

-Position tiers to help you make tough decisions on draft day.

-Easy export to Excel so you can build your own cheat sheets.

-And more!

Fantasy football is a big business. It’s estimated that fantasy sports bring in $4 billion in revenue each year. (1) In fact, fantasy football is so popular that it’s estimated that about 40 million people play it every year. (2)

Fantasy football lets us be the owners and general managers of our very own NFL team. We get to pick our players, trade them and cut them from our roster. But instead of working with the real-life NFL, we’re given a budget to draft players for our very own fantasy football team – and we can do this with friends or coworkers. The fun part is that we’re competing against other owners/managers/friends to see who has the most talent on their teams!

What makes fantasy football so much fun? It’s all about competition, baby! You get to build your own team, compete against your friends and see how you rank against other fantasy teams around the world!

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